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Which generation do you belong to?

Which generation do you belong to?

Generation Z? Chances are you’ve been hearing this concept lately, just like millennials. Even on Twitter, the term is used sarcastically boomer. What do these words have in common? Neither more nor less than representing different generations of people, with general and above all technological characteristics, according to the Pew Research Center, which we talk about below.

Silent generation

Born between 1928 and 1945, a period that includes historical events such as the Second World War, the crash of the 29 in the United States and, in Spain, the Civil War. Logically, these people’s priority is stay with your loved ones, isolation and loneliness being his main concerns, due to his long age. Their lifestyles are characterized by deteriorating health.

As for communication, the devices that allow voice interaction They are very useful, as they facilitate contact with family members or carers and usually introduce them to technology. Television is the electronic device par excellence for the use of content and they are not used to electronic commerce.

Generation child boomer

They are between 56 and 74 years old and represent the demographic explosion after World War II in several countries. In Spain, however, we delay these dates from 1957 to 1977, when they were born 14 million children. Work is an essential part of their life and they are used to working for many years in the same company.

At the time of purchase on line, they are more likely to use home computers than cell phones and social networks for stay in touch with friends and find out about current events, Facebook being the most visited. Its use of the Internet is more practical than for entertainment.

Generation X

They were born between 1965 and 1980, they are the most adaptable to change at the same time they saw the birth of the Internet and all subsequent technological developments. During this generation, the majority of women were placed in the labor market.

Most of these people buy online and prefer the use of Facebook and Youtube, which help them search for fun content, as well as keep up to date and see what their friends are up to.

Generation Y or millennials

They are between the years 1981 and 1996 and cannot live without technology, adapting to the changing pace of things. They had two seizures when they were young: that of 2008 and the current one, due to the coronavirus.

They love the mobile phone and the constant connection to the Internet. They are also very sociable in their buying processes, with social networks being important in their decisions, as well as sharing their acquisitions.. The video format is the one with the most Engagement from brands to attract them.

Generation Z

These young people have already reached the age of majority, since they were born between 1997 and 2012. The need for hospitality and belonging to a community characterizes them, as well as activism for issues such as the environment and the sustainability of the planet.

They are the first digital natives, being the mobile device even more relevant than millennials. They are constantly connected by visiting their social networks, chatting, watching videos or using search engines. Without a doubt, YouTube is king among this audience, with almost universal use, ever since 9 out of 10 they use it at least once a month.

All these generations currently coexist and generate different forms of consumption, coexistence and communication and in a few years a new one with its own characteristics will emerge. From MGS we launched this reflection: do you think your generation represents you?