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WhatsApp on iOS allows you to send messages without the Internet

WhatsApp on iOS allows you to send messages without the Internet

Whatsapp yesterday received an update for iOS that allows users to send messages even when there is no internet connection. Second MacRumorsBefore the change, the application allowed you to write the message, but did not allow you to press the send button.

With this, users who wanted to send several messages had to have them written when the internet was down. Update a version 2.17.1however, it eliminates this problem. Messages are waiting until a connection is established and then are sent from the application to contacts in the same way as for Android.

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In other news

Version 2.17.1 also has two new ones in the iOS app. Allows simultaneous transmission of up to 30 photos and / or videos simultaneously. Previously, that number was limited to ten. The submission process, however, remains the same, only with the higher limit.

Otherwise, the app also gains a very valuable resource for the owners of iPhone 16 GB: which allows you to delete all the contents of certain specific conversations or groups. The screen intended for the app store has been redesigned and now allows the display and management of data in this way, as you can see below.

So it is possible, for example, to delete all the audio you received on WhatsApp in one go. Or, in the same way, you can delete all the videos uploaded at the same time in a certain group. This feature helps simplify data control on iPhones.