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What is engagement and how does it benefit companies?


We have always heard about the different techniques that exist to attract customers or how to better sell a product. However, what once seemed like a simple task that involved simply somehow grabbing the consumer’s attention has now become a highly developed art.

All brands must be able to engage their audience, creating long-term commitments, which ultimately convert them into customers and positively impact the goals the company has set itself. One way to do this is improve the engagement of the public and the brand with Easypromos

Undoubtedly, engagement is one of the best tips that can be applied to position a brand at the top. As the word says, today it is necessary to create a real engagement with potential buyers.

This means that the brand is able to convey its true values, an ideal, a desire, through different tools, and thus win over its highly sought-after customers.

The point is that For this connection to work, it must not be faked, it must be real and honest, and the brand must find the most efficient ways to achieve this.

Today there are many marketing studies and very varied techniques, both online and offline in order to effectively approach customers.

Maybe a few years ago it was enough to get followers or to get likes, but today it is generate an authentic exchange, where these consumers can contribute to the creation and evolution of the brand.

And how is this achieved? Mainly through interaction.

The ideal is to look for formats that allow the brand to benefit in two ways: gaining followers and benefiting from the ideas and proposals that customers give, also obtaining their loyalty.

The big brands have chosen to create forums, YouTube channels or interactive videos, creativity should have no limits in this sense.

On the other hand, the gamification It has recently gained followers and is an option that allows potential customers to be entertained through different games, questionnaires and proposals that generate skill competitions between users.

These applications provide moments of enjoyment and customer engagement in very entertaining ways, often allowing you to establish a identification and bond of trust with the user.

Giveaways, for example, are another method that pays off when it comes to interacting; It is an activity that motivates users and that also allows you to promote different social networks, such as Instagram, Twitter, etc.

The advantage of all of the above is to obtain a real and trusted relationship with customers; This results in a lasting connection over time and in the commitment of both parties. In this way customers will not get lost so easily, and if we give them the right space too they will find a way to guide us in the changes and desires they have for the product we sell; for its part, the brand will be loyal to that market segment and will try to satisfy as much as possible what its followers want.