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What is a smart lock and what is it for?

What is a smart lock and what is it for?

Technology is changing people’s lives in such a way that it now even allows you to control access to your physical properties with the use of smart locks.

What is a smart lock?

Smart locks are devices with Wifi or Bluetooth, which allow you to open or close doors, at home or at work, remotely.

This is done by means of a button on the phone, computer or tablet. These are security systems that have started gaining a large number of users around the world.

Uses of smart locks

The smart lock has become a widely used home device. Its great advantage is that it offers a lot of connectivity: it can be connected from any device connected to the network.

While there are people who still prefer conventional locks, it is also true that many buyers are opting for this technology.

Other possible uses are the following:

  • These mechanisms allow for a recording of income and expenses. Hence, they are perfect for sites where a safety statistic is needed.
  • They are controlled with a Smartphone thanks to an App. In this way users instead of using a metal key, use their phones.
  • Visitors are assigned passwords or temporary entry permits. Likewise, such accesses can be blocked at a certain time.
  • Likewise, these limitations are set by dates: days of the week or hours. This allows for a lot of security and regulates permissions to enter a place.
  • The doors can be closed or opened immediately thanks to an intelligent lock. What does this mean? Well, in an emergency (for example an earthquake) you can make sure that all the doors allow you to go out. Likewise, stipulate that all doors are closed in the event of a security problem.
  • A smart lock can be combined with a camera surveillance system. In this way, whoever enters or leaves is filmed or photographed.

The advantages of these mechanisms are numerous. Furthermore, they are very easy to use. A few decades ago, similar locks involved hiring technicians and skilled people. However, thanks to new smartphone technologies, anyone can use wireless mechanisms.

Is it possible to hack or steal the keys to these locks?

This is the most frequently asked question by users. Hackers are a reality. There are people who manage to steal password keys on the web. I am also able to access third party webmails.

Then a question arises: is it even possible to steal smart passwords and locking systems?

The answer is yes, even a smart lock can be hacked. It is a reality that cannot be avoided. Therefore, some additional security measures are always recommended. Which?

The most common is to opt for complex passwords, not easily deducible by third parties, as well as adding additional means of control: fingerprint, voice recognition or a double and even triple security question.

Another important point is not to use such keys together in various devices: in the smart type lock, in computers, tablets, cordless phones, etc.

It is enough to hack one of these keys to be allowed to enter and exit. How can you avoid it? Well, the way to prevent this is with specific keys for each device.

What does the above mean? This implies that a smart lock can detect if the key to enter is issued by a phone, computer or other type of device.

Therefore, asking for a particular password to enter with your phone, tablet or any other device multiplies the safety and control factor.

What happens if the power or internet goes out?

This is another of the buyers’ doubts. Typical blacksmith work is eminently mechanical. All you have to do is have the key, insert it into the lock and the mechanism is activated. That’s all! It is not necessary to have electricity, much less the Internet!

The above is a question to be resolved in any smart lock. Many of these locks incorporate a traditional keyhole. This way they work like a standard lock.

It is important to indicate that this manual system is activated only in the event of a power failure, Wifi or Bluetooth.

For this reason it is important that when purchasing an electronic lock it is checked whether it has the conventional key system.

A power outage, blackout or power outage is something that can happen at any time and you can be blocked until the power is restored.

Likewise, there are some locks of this type that incorporate a battery. That way, they can work for a few hours if there is a power problem. But they are systems that are activated with Bluetooth. The reason? Well, if the electricity is interrupted, it is normal for the Internet connection to be interrupted as well.

Final thoughts

The smart lock has several variations. For example, there are some that do not activate with Internet or Wifi devices. These are locks that have remotes or controls. Something similar to electronic car locks and alarms. Each lock has a series of controls which are distributed among the users.

On the other hand, there is the question of the price. Are they more expensive than conventional locks? They are obviously more expensive, as they involve more technology.

Likewise, its installation is more complicated, to which it is added that they need a connection available via Wifi. Also, they never communicate via cables to the Internet, they are always wireless.

It is worth noting that these locks have become increasingly popular. At first, they were only used in companies or institutions. However, these devices are already used regularly in the home environment.

Likewise, they have had a considerable impact on the hospitality industry and in both clinics and hospitals. Hopefully, in a few years, they can be on par with traditional locks.