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Vodafone launches tariffs for unemployed young people and beneficiaries of the minimum vital income

Vodafone lanza tarifas para jóvenes parados y receptores del Ingreso Mínimo Vital

The complex economic situation due to the pandemic has led to Vodafone to launch its social tariffs, which focus on two specific groups: the unemployed young people under the age of 30 and also to IMV recipients (Minimum living income).

MásMóvil recently unveiled its social tariffs and it appears that Vodafone has seen the need to cover vulnerable customers as well. The new plans are Launch on April 19, 2021, and will be stipulated through the operator’s website.

Vodafone offers in its social rates a mobile with unlimited calls and 15 or 30 GB of data, optionally you can rent internet at home through a router that connects to the 4G network (up to 30 Mbps) and generates a WiFi signal, providing unlimited data.

Vodafone’s social rates do not have a subscription fee, and if we want the 4G router will be sent for free, so they are accessible to those who need it and respect the conditions.

Heavy user – unemployed under 30

These rates for under 30s require prove that the holder is unemployed, which is easy to do electronically, as it is also possible to request a break online without having to travel.

These are the options:

  1. Heavy Yuser Fifty-Fifty: unlimited calls + 30 GB (unlimited in messaging and social networks) at 10 € / month.
  2. Heavy Yuser + Internet: unlimited calls + 30 GB (unlimited in messaging and social networks) + 4G home connection at 30 Mbps with unlimited data at 25 € / month.

The reduced price is kept for periods of 6 months, then we must provide the receipt again actively seek work to maintain the social rate discount.

Connected Rate – Minimum Viable Income

In this case, it will be necessary prove that you are receiving the minimum vital income (IMV), an advantage that for now is having quite a few problems in its procedures. In any case, the recipient can choose these options:

  1. Connected rate: Unlimited calls + 15 GB for 10 € / month.
  2. A connected tariff: Unlimited calls + 15 GB + 4G home connection at 30 Mbps with unlimited data at € 25 / month.

In this case, he is contracted for 1 year and we can get an additional 1 year if we continue to receive the IMV. Of course, this social rate has a maximum 2 years of enjoyment, so we have to switch to one of the standard Vodafone contracts.

In addition, any Vodafone social rate gives access to Udemy, a training platform, and also to Future Jobs Finder, one of the job search websites available in Spain.

The news Vodafone’s social rates are good news, which will surely help young unemployed people, even if the slowness with which the Minimum Living Income is managed could limit the achievement of all vulnerable people who need it.

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