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Uber and Arrival will develop the electric vehicle by 2023

Uber and Arrival will develop the electric vehicle by 2023

Uber and the British company Arrival have announced the joint development of an electric car for private travel, which will go into production in 2023.

While the first impression upon hearing this news is that it will be an exclusive Uber vehicle, this is not the case with the new car, as Arrival’s goal is to create an electric vehicle that is affordable, so that millions of people can use it.

For now, they have only posted pictures of the interior design, but they ensure that the final design will be ready by the end of this year.

Arrival of the image

The car, developed specifically for use by private transport drivers, will be the first of Arrival and will be added to buses that will be on UK roads this year, as well as urban delivery vans, whose main customer is the large customer for home parcel deliveries, UPS.

The car will be built using similar principles used by Arrival to build city buses and electric trucks. Like these, the construction of the electric car will be carried out in robotic «micro factories» close to key markets with the aim of increasing efficiency and mainly reducing production costs, such as the large car manufacturers have, efficient production, but very expensive.

Uber - Arrival - Electric vehicleArrival of the image

Although the vehicle will be designed for private travel, Arrival will not prevent any consumer from purchasing it. The agreement between the two companies also plans to explore a «strategic relationship in key markets, including the UK and the EU».