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Twitch announces a new off-duty conduct policy

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Twitch today announced a new off-duty conduct policy. In order to address serious misconduct affecting the Twitch community, but occurring outside the platform.

Community safety on Twitch is our top priority and we believe this policy is an essential step in protecting the safety and well-being of our community members wherever they log on and create content.

Investigations outside the contraction service are complex and this is an industry-leading approach. So below we highlight some key points of this policy:

We have previously taken action against misconduct which is clear and serious

Which happened out of order, but until now we didn’t have an approach to scale them down. We have intentionally prioritized behavior that poses immediate physical risk to the Twitch community, but we recognize that this addresses all forms of harassment and abuse. Ultimately, policy design is incremental and we are taking a measured approach to make sure we can do it right.

To ensure our investigations are thorough and efficient, we have partnered with a third-party investigative law firm with extensive experience in sensitive investigations..

This company will support twitch’s internal law enforcement team. In addition, our priorities are to ensure the confidentiality of all parties involved and to ensure that our investigations are conducted in a comprehensive, fair and sensitive manner.

We will only act in cases where we have verifiable evidence

At present, we are unable to investigate cases that do not fall within the behaviors listed in the policy.

This is an innovative and atypical approach in the sector

As other services limit their application to behaviors that only occur on their platforms. Our community on Twitch is unique and our priority is to create a solution that meets your needs.

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