14 Cool Tips and tricks for iPhone XR

Tips and tricks for iPhone XR

As the new iPhone XR’s pre-orders are about to start, you can choose a device that fits your color choice and gives you the storage you need. If you want to order the phone as soon as the pre-order option is activated, you are ready to enter a model with a screen size of 6.1 inches.

However, even if you plan to get up early on the phone launch date or stay awake until late at night, you may not be able to get the model you want. Pre-ordering the device is the best option you have now if you want to avoid the crowd. If you want to be one of the first to grab this model, you have to walk with the clock before midnight.iPhone Max. You may need to spend some time reading this guide before placing the pre-order. Let’s see the list of tips and tricks of the iPhone XR.

Tips and tricks on the iPhone XR

1. Things to do

Even though the pre-order option of the iPhone XR has not yet started, you can still check the Apple Inc. website and select your preferred model. You can speed up the pre-order process when you begin to review the options beforehand. Fortunately, you may no longer need to navigate through the different menus when the pre-order starts, if you choose it before. The following tips will help you choose the preferred model of your iPhone XR.

  1. Open the Apple Store app or the iPhone XR page on the browser.
  2. Log in to the account you want to use to pre-order the phone.
  3. Now select the model of your choice from the available options
  4. You can choose the storage option you want and the color with the payment method
  5. If you choose to work from the Apple website for this job, you can click on the heart next to the Select button. However, if you are working from the Apple Store app, you can simply tap the heart in the upper right.

Once you have completed the steps above, this will help you to store the device in your favorites. As soon as the pre-order of this new device is put online, you can visit the Favorites, then press the device you have chosen. When you access the website, you need to click on the small bar in the upper right corner to access Favorites or the blue icon if you are accessing Favorites through the Apple Store app. You are now ready to buy the phone.

2. Tips and tricks to improve the speed of iPhone XR

Like other devices in the iPhone family, the new iPhone XR can become slow over time. While turning off the power can help you clear the memory, you can delete some photos, files, and applications or even archive them in the cloud to help free up space on the device. You should visit Settings to find out which apps are updating in the background, thereby consuming the valuable power of the device. Updating the iOS on the device can speed up its speed.

3. Make the phone preventive against hacking

Although you can open the iPhone XR using the Face ID, you can safely call the phone only when no one can guess the authentication code. The iOS may ask you to use a six-digit passcode, but you can certainly enhance the security of the device with a code consisting of alphabets and numbers. If you want to change the access code of the device, you can go to Settings and touch ID and access code. When prompted for a new authentication code, you can press Authentication Code Options and Custom Alphanumeric Code. You are now ready to change the authentication code in the new device, but make sure you can remember it.

4. Join the FaceTime group

By joining a group, you can call about thirty-two participants at the same time. All you need to do is enter multiple contacts in the address box when you start the chat. Tiles are showing the participants and you have to press each tile to bring the person in front of your view.

5. Reminding you to call later

IOS can remind you to make calls later. To do this, you must press the Remember me later button located above the slide. If you want the device to call you back after an hour or more, you have a choice. However, make sure you have downloaded the contact details so that the device can locate your address. Time is largely based on GPS movements.

6. Tips and tricks to customize ringtones for iPhone XR

Depending on the music tracks in the iTunes library, you can choose to customize the ringtone in the device. You can create a duplicate version of the track of your choice for the ringtone, convert the file type and import it into iTunes as one of the ringtones. Then you can synchronize the ringtone with the phone. However, you can create the ringtone of your choice from an audio creation of your choice and the navigation will be user-friendly on this device.

7. Unlock the screen

It’s easy to unlock the device by simply looking at it. If you have already created the Face ID by visiting the Page Settings, you can perform a series of steps such as rotating the head in a circular motion so that the phone can capture your face from different angles. Once the Face Recognition setting is complete, you are ready to view and unlock the device easily, unlike the Fingerprint Touch option of previous models. You can also add two different profiles when you want to unlock the phone in a different appearance or if you want to share the device with someone.

8. Take the screenshot

Even if the main button is missing from the new iPhone XR, it’s easy to take a screenshot with this device. You must simultaneously hold the Volume and Power buttons and touch the buttons as quickly as possible. While holding down the buttons, you must open another window to turn off the device. After taking the screenshot, you can mark or edit the image.

9. Customizing the control center

You have been waiting for this for a long time. Just visit the Settings Control Center and finally Customize Controls. The commands that appear are on the top, and you must press the minus sign to delete them, and then hold them down to make the desired changes to the device.

10. Shake the device to cancel

It sounds a bit odd at first, but it can save you from typing a long-phrase and accidentally deleting it from the device. Just shake the phone a bit and you can bring the Undo-Redo box to complete the rest of the work.

11. Activate do not disturb mode while driving

You have heard of the Do not disturb but it is good to know the different variants of this model. Go to the settings and go to Do not disturb option and under, Do not disturb while driving and press Activate. You can choose from the options Manually automatically according to your choice. If this option bothers you, you can also disable it.

12. Access portrait lighting

The iPhone XR has only a few features of portrait lighting, but it can still produce attractive effects with very little time and effort. When you open the Camera application, you can scroll down on the Rotary menu to enter Portrait mode. You can press natural light to lighten the face on the photo.

13. Take a better selfie

While the selfies To continue to dominate the action of mobile phones, you can apply a trick if you are not satisfied with the selfie that you take with the new iPhone XR. Using the volume button on the headset provided when the Camera application is open allows you to take better selfies. This will not only help you make powerful selfies that look more natural but also dramatically reduce phone shake.

14. Ready to order

If you are already planning to pre-order this model, you may feel the excitement and are ready to do all the tricks and tips with different applications to improve its performance. Are you ready to use the iPhone XR and apply the tips and tricks? You can try the tips listed above or more to enhance your experience handling the new device.

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