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This website tells you how many people are named after you in Spain

This website tells you how many people are named after you in Spain

Have you ever wondered how many Sigismunds or Encarnas are there in Spain? If this is an issue that doesn’t get you to sleep at night, chances are you can sleep soundly today without counting sheep or installing one of those soothing sounding apps.

Seriously, the National Institute of Statistics (INE) has a really cool tool that we can see with how many people are registered with a certain name in Spain. But be careful, because this utility not only helps us to know how many people are called like us: the tool also allows us to search by surname.

In this way, we can know how many more or less distant relatives we have on Spanish soil, but also in which autonomous communities they are located. You might be surprised to find that you have a family in Galicia or Catalonia when you always thought your ancestors would never leave Seville. Stranger things have happened.

If we do a search, by name or surname, the INE website will show us a heat map of Spain highlighting those territories with darker colors where there is a greater volume of matching results. In this way we can achieve a much faster and more direct visual result than expanding our genealogy.

Searches by name are also displayed the average age of people which are called that. This can be used to find out when a certain name became popular. For example, we see that the average age of the boys called «Iker» is 14, which would fit perfectly with the period of popularity experienced by goalkeeper Iker Casillas. Also, thanks to the heat map we can know that this name predominates in the Basque Country, so it probably comes from there.

The name finder of the National Institute of Statistics is a free tool with open access and can be consulted from its official website.