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The new «wearable devices» for your day

The new "wearable devices" for your day

As we have already told you before, a technical (technology lover) self-respecting is always up to date on news Wearable that are launched on the market. Whether you want to try the technology of Wearable As if your intention were to renovate an old one, we leave you with some of the coolest new features.

Smart watch

Today’s smart watches are able to connect to the internet, make and receive calls, use email, and even check social networks. Different brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung or Apple compete by offering devices with these characteristics:

– AMOLED screen, which allows you to display bright, thin, flexible and efficient images.

– Submarine.

– Integrated GPS.

– Compatible with iOS and Android systems.

– Sleep monitor.

– Possibility of payment with the smart watch.

– Heart rate monitor, oximeter and data collection for sports practice, for example, the percentage of distance or slope of a mountain to climb.

Headphones Bluetooth

It’s been a while since we can say goodbye to cables to listen to our favorite music on our mobile, even for any other multimedia content. With a small carrying case for convenient carrying, the wireless headphones can count on the following advantages:

– Compatible with most brands on the market.

– Portable charging case with battery, to ensure a longer use time.

– Smart touch control: turn both earphones on and off, adjust the volume, change songs, answer or reject calls and activate the voice assistant.

– Stereo sound, with noise cancellation system.

– Waterproof.


The smart bracelets are another example of gadget with an upward use. Available in various colors, these bracelets can be of great help to inform us and have fun at the same time on various parameters:

– Recording of steps, calories or heart rate.

– Notifications of calls, messages and applications such as WhatsApp.

– Sleep monitoring and alarms.

– Pedometer, heart rate monitor and stopwatch.

– Mobile phone connectivity.


Despite the fact that the most anticipated glasses were those of the bitten apple company, (still without release date) there are already some models of smart glasses with cool features:

– Ability to listen to music, thanks to the speakers integrated into the pins.

– Touch control with sensors to control playback.

– Make or receive calls.

– Integrated voice assistant.

We can conclude that the market of Wearable There is still a long way to go, as current devices continue to expand their capabilities and facilitate daily sports or leisure. They can even help us fight covid-19.