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Sharing apps on Android without the internet is super easy

Cómo compartir aplicaciones en Android sin tener Internet

Since 2018 it is already possible to share applications on Android safely. However, people who do not have a WiFi connection or data plan handy can not use this function.

And what has Google done to solve this problem? Well, the awesome G has added a tool in the Play Store that allows you to share android apps with your friends without internet needed. Do you want to know more? Then stay, because here you will see how to use this new Google Play feature.

How to send and receive apps on Android with the Play Store

How to send and receive apps on Android with the Play Store

First of all you need to update the Play Store to version 24.0 (or higher). Does your mobile still not have the latest version of this app store? Well then enter this article and find out how to manually update the Play Store.

The app sharing process uses the Google Nearby Share tool. The steps to follow vary slightly whether your mobile is the one sending or receiving the application. Also, you and your friend need to coordinate so that apps are shared seamlessly.

Steps to follow to submit apps

Steps to follow to submit apps

First we will explain what you should do in case you are the app issuer:

  • Unlock your mobile e open Google Play.
  • press the your Gmail account icon.
  • Select the menu «My apps and games «.
  • Go to the «Share» tab e click on the «Submit» option.
  • Google Play It will ask you to activate the location of your mobile. Click on the «OK» option. This is required in order to use nearby sharing.
  • Now you will see a submenu with all the applications you have installed on your mobile. Here check the boxes of the apps you will send to your friend. Then hit the arrow icon.
  • At this time, you will see a warning on the screen asking you to do so select who will be the recipient of the apps.

Notice to select an app receiver

What to do on the receiving cell phone

What to do on the receiving cell phone

Did you follow the above steps to the letter? Perfect, now it’s your friend’s turn to receive the apps. Your colleague should do the following:

  • Go to the «Share» tab in the Play Store as explained above. Here is your friend you need to press the «Receive» button.
  • After, the receiver will see a warning on its screen where it is indicated that the mobile phone is waiting for the transmitter.
  • In this way, your friend’s smartphone will appear in the «Select a recipient» notice of the sending mobile phone.

Notice to select an app receiver with available icon

In order to finish the process, follow the steps you will see below:

  • Click on the icon smartphone receiver.
  • At this time, Google Play will generate a code on both phones. This code is used by the recipient to verify that you are sending the apps and not a stranger.
  • Your friend must press the «Receive» option so that apps can start sharing.
  • It’s ready! The receiver will be able to install applications on his mobile phone that you sent him at any time.

Final step to share apps with Google Play

So share apps on Android with other people in seconds thanks to the Play Store! Will you use this Google Play feature? Tell us on comments.