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Realme 9 won’t be released until 2022 due to a chip shortage

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This will be the first year that Realme hasn’t launched two smartphone families in the numbered series since 2018.

Chip sourcing problems globally Major smartphone makers like Korean Samsung are hitting, which has already announced that the Galaxy S21 FE won’t be available until the end of the year due to this reason or the Chinese kingdom that just announced it. realme 9 won’t be released until 2022 due to a chip shortage.

realme 9 2022

This year we will run out of the realme 9 family due to a shortage of chips

We will have to wait until next year to see realme 9

In an interview with the guys from GSMArena, Madhav Seth, vice president of realme and CEO of realme India and Europe, said the global chip shortage will cause the arrival on the market of realme 9 is postponed to next year.

The realme GT Neo2 already has an official presentation date

In the words of Madhav Seth himself:

«We have solved this problem through close discussion with chipset makers and the Realme 9 series will reach users in 2022.»

The CEO of realme India and Europe also confirmed that the rest of the realme will be launched for this 2021 run as expected.

realme 8s 5G colors

The realme 8s 5G is the latest budget terminal with 5G from the Chinese brand

I usually really throw two families of serial terminals numbered per year, a tradition that dates back to its earliest smartphone launches, as it introduced realme 1 and 2 in 2018, realme 3 and 5 in 2019, and the realme 6 and 7 last year.

But this year it won’t really be able to cater to this tradition due to the lack of chips and we will have to settle only for the realme 8 series, which a few days ago presented its two new members, the realme 8s 5G and the realme 8i, at an event in which the first tablet of the young Chinese manufacturer was also presented in society, the kingdom pad.

Do you have a realme 8? Your RAM grows with an upgrade

While the realme 9 family won’t arrive until next year, we currently have several Mid-range smartphone with good value for money like the realme 8, the Redmi Note 10 or the Samsung Galaxy A.

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