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PUBG MOBILE: Karakin map available starting today

PUBG MOBILE: Karakin map available starting today

The highly anticipated Karakin map finally lands on PUBG MOBILE with the latest content update. It features new game mechanics and weapons that promise explosive action on a barren and rocky coast.

This compact and tense map also includes the new and more devastating Panzerfaust rocket launcher, along with a variety of catchy bombs. This new arsenal is complemented by the new demolition mode and the mechanics of penetrating bullets into thin walls. Allowing players to destroy entire areas of the map, adding an exciting new level to the traditional strategy mode of the game. PUBG MOBILE version 1.3 content update is now available for free via the App Store and Google Play Store.

Combining Miramar’s tension with Sanhok’s quick play.

Karakin is a compact and exciting map for 64 players that will offer constant challenges to PUBG MOBILE fans. It offers a variety of areas to fight opponents and many secret areas to discover. Players will be able to fight long-range rifle battles in the mountains, strategic combat in cities and tense shooting in dark underground areas. The new Demolition Zone also adds a new level of excitement to the game. Represented by a purple area on the map. With this new mechanic, entire buildings can be demolished in real time, leaving players out in the open and unprotected.

For the first time in PUBG MOBILE, bullets can pass through thin walls in places in Karakin. This will greatly enhance the indoor combat experience. The new Panzerfaust weapons and catchy bombs are designed to take full advantage of these new mechanics, which means no two games are alike.

These are the new features that are released with Karakin:

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  • New gameplay mechanic: Demolition Zone – If you are in a purple area on the minimap when the alarm goes off, start running! The demolition zone causes random damage to buildings and can eventually destroy them and everything inside.
  • New gameplay mechanic: Thin Wall Bullet Piercing – Bullet penetration has been added to Karakin’s thinner walls. Adding a new strategic level and bringing new dangers to players who often hide behind damaged walls.
  • New Bomb Thrown: Catch Bomb – These new explosives stick to walls and can detonate them, creating broken buildings with new firing angles and breakpoints, meaning players can get creative when attacking buildings. Sticky Bombs are also the key to finding hidden spaces in Karakin.
  • New Firearm: The Panzerfaust – A randomly appearing disposable weapon that is a permanent delivery of air supplies to Karakin, the Panzerfaust Rifle deploys rockets that explode on impact, dealing damage to players within the area explosion. Rockets can also damage thin walls and penetrate objects at short distances. Make sure there are no friendly players behind you, as the Panzerfaust’s powerful recoil damages all nearby participants.

The Vikendi map will be temporarily disabled from classic mode in PUBG MOBILE during the launch of Karakin. However, players will be able to enjoy Vikendi by creating a custom room.

The Karakin map release is the new feature added to the PUBG MOBILE version 1.3 update which was released on March 9th, bringing more weapons, vehicles and mechanics to the game. The update also introduced PUBG MOBILE’s Royale Pass 18 with the «HUNDREDS OF Beats» music themed game mode and other new content. This mode was celebrated in collaboration with three internationally acclaimed DJs as part of PUBG MOBILE’s third anniversary celebration last March. Guest DJs were Swedish music producer Alesso, Belgian musician Lost Frequencies and Dutch-Moroccan DJ and producer R3HAB.

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