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Pinterest introduces its new code of conduct for creators

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Pinterest today announces the launch of its code of conduct for creators. A content policy designed so that the platform remains a positive and inspiring place. This code will require creators to agree to the various guidelines for publishing Story Pins. It represents a great effort to reduce negativity and create an enriching experience for its 450 million users worldwide.

In this way, Pinterest continues to bet on creating a safe platform where creators have the opportunity to serve as support and inspiration for others through positive, inclusive and practical ideas at a time when it is more needed than ever.

We’ve been building this platform for eleven years and our users have always said Pinterest is «the latest positive corner of the Internet». During this time, we have learned that in digital spaces we must strive to promote positivity in the same way that we strive to avoid negativity. The creators’ code of conduct is a means for people to understand how to be successful on Pinterest by leveraging their position to keep the platform a positive and inclusive space. Evan Sharp, co-founder and Chief Creative & Design Officer, Pinterest

Creator Code of Conduct Rules

The Creators Code of Conduct aims to build a community around inclusive and respectful content, as well as being a proactive and empowering tool. Creators with access to Story Pins will need to accept the code during the publishing process to take their share of responsibility in making Pinterest a positive place. The code states that the following rules must be observed:

  • Be polite: Make sure the content posted is not offensive or discriminatory.
  • Verification of information: to ensure the publication of accurate and objective data that prevents disinformation.
  • Consider Sensitive Content: With the intention of dosing content that may be sensitive for some people.
  • Monitor inclusivity: so as not to intentionally exclude groups or communities.
  • Do No Harm: To ensure that any call to action or challenge that comes up is always safe.

New tools for comment moderation

Positivity must be mutual. In addition to asking creators to generate positive content, we will introduce new tools and features designed to ensure a much safer experience:

  • Positive reminders for Pinterest users to follow our guidelines and rethink any discriminatory or offensive comments before posting.
  • Moderation tools for creators, including removing comments and filtering keywords.
  • New spam prevention signals that use machine learning to detect and remove inappropriate comments.

“As a creator, I try to avoid negativity on my platform. That’s why I strongly believe in the Pinterest Creators Code of Conduct and the message it conveys, not just to the creators but to the entire industry. way to make the Internet a more positive place. At the same time, it provides creators with the tools they need so that we can be ourselves and contribute so that our ideas can improve people’s lives. It is amply demonstrated that limits need to be set , as they help to generate a healthy and stimulating environment in which to evolve and grow «.

“There are so many things we find on social platforms that don’t show life as it is and that also dehumanize. This is why I love the creator code – it focuses on positivity and inclusion. Even if that doesn’t mean we shy away from talking about difficult things. It means that we are not dehumanizing, that we are not bringing people down, that it is not negatively oriented. And this is not an echo chamber for hate. This is what Pinterest and creator code do – it allows us to humanize each other and that’s the most important thing.

Creators from around the world participated in the Pinterest Creators Code of Conduct adherence video and it will be posted on all of the platform’s social networks and creator channels in the coming weeks. The Creators Code of Conduct will take effect in a few weeks (in beta in Latin America) and creators will need to abide by it.

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