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Now you can test video calls

Now you can test video calls

After much speculation and some fake news they were actually attempts to do so fraudIt seems that video calls are finally coming to WhatsApp. In recent days, the trial version application on Android and Windows Phone systems has begun to rely on the feature.

The function can be activated when the user chooses to make a connection. At this point, the application displays a message asking if the call should be made in audio or video. If the recipient does not rely on the option, the sender will be notified.

now you can test video calling

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According to information from some users, Windows Phone can mute the call and switch between the front and rear cameras and vice versa. There is also a dedicated button for video calls in the contact area. According to The Next Web website, calls continue to capture somewhat, even with fast connections. As a feature still being tested, the novelty is only available for those who download the beta version of WhatsApp.