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Now you can easily make video calls

Now you can easily make video calls

After 20 days of testing the feature, WhatsApp announced on Tuesday (15) it will release the video calling feature for all of its users.

«In the next few days, more than a billion WhatsApp users will be able to make video calls on the Android, iPhone and Windows Phone platforms,» ​​the company reported on its blog. Where indicated, therefore, is that the tool is gradually being released to users.

To make video calls, you just have to enter the calls tab, go to contacts (menu with a phone symbol and a + in the top right corner), select the friend you want to chat with and press the shaped icon of video camera.

During the same call, you can switch between the front and rear cameras to silence the call or press the red button to mute it.


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The function only works if the contact has also installed the new version of WhatsApp. Otherwise, the user will receive the following message: «Call not completed Call cannot be made Doe must update WhatsApp to receive video calls …»

During testing of UOL technology, video calls were quite unstable. Most of the time the call was able to complete, but the image froze due to connection problems. Not to mention the lack of synchronicity between what is said and what is heard in a common connection in Internet calls.

Another important factor to consider is that the user has to take into consideration is that the video call consumes the data from the mobile internet plan.

«Our goal is for this feature to be available indiscriminately to everyone, not just those people who can buy more expensive equipment or who reside in a country with great cell phone coverage,» WhatsApp, perhaps to make a FaceTime reference ( Apple). However, it is worth mentioning that Skype is now a free application available for all operating systems, which also offers the same function.