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New stickers on WhatsApp: how to get them

9 novedades de WhatsApp que llegarán pronto

Whatsapp has available new sticker packs, then we will tell you how you can get it so that from then on you have a list of new stickers to send to your contacts, a very simple process that will take no more than a couple of seconds.

It had been a long time since WhatsApp added new stickers, but now we have 6 totally new packages that any user can get, whether they have an iPhone or an Android mobile, even it would not be necessary to update WhatsApp to be able to get them.

They are: Egg And Chup, Realistic Rabbit, Betakkuma 2, Square Cheese’s Daily Life, Woman Cactus and A Burdensome Pigeon Named Eagle. If you haven’t entered the WhatsApp sticker shop for a long time, new ones will appear that you probably haven’t even seen.

Each sticker pack contains 20 to 30 stickers, although it is a figure that can vary. What you need to do if you want to download them all or have some depending on what you see in the sticker preview is to follow these steps:

  1. Enter WhatsApp and access any conversation. Now click on the stickers icon to enter the shop.

  1. So, click the «+» button to open the shop and there you will see the new sticker packs we have mentioned, before you download them you can see them all so that if you like them and download them.

Image - New stickers in WhatsApp: how to download them

  1. To download them, click on the blue arrow or enter them in each one and click «download».

Image - New stickers in WhatsApp: how to download them

In case they don’t show up, be patient because It shouldn’t take long for them to show up, if after several hours you notice that the stickers are not available, it is better to update WhatsApp to the latest version of the App Store or Google Play Store.

These stickers are typical of Whatsapp, but remember that you can also create custom stickers for WhatsApp in various ways, so that you don’t always have to use those offered by the app, but your own that you can add to send to your contacts in chat.

How to import stickers to WhatsApp