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Mobile photography: 4 good reasons to stop using the flash in your shots

Mobile photography: 4 good reasons to stop using the flash in your shots

Do you use the flash to take pictures? You shouldn’t do this.

Photography and editing on Android

One of the biggest uses we give to smartphones today is to take pictures. Whether it’s as a souvenir or to upload them to social networks like Instagram, one of the main reasons for choosing a smartphone model or another has been its photographic section for some years now.

And is that in fact smartphones have become the perfect substitutes for conventional compact cameras since, unlike these, we always carry our mobile phone in our pocket almost 24 hours a day.

If your photos are bad, don’t use the flash

However, there is a bad habit that many of us have when it comes to taking a photograph and that is to use the device’s flash. And it is that, despite popular belief, the best photos are usually taken without using this feature.

Creates reflections on surfaces

Photograph with the Galaxy S21 Ultra

Avoid whenever you can use your smartphone’s flash

On more than one occasion that you have given while taking a photograph, the reflection from the flash comes out in the snapshot. Whether it’s when taking pictures in the mirror, of people with glasses, rooms with windows, and even on other surfaces like plastic, there’s always that damn flash.

For all this, in most cases it is better turn off the flash and then not find glare or strange reflections that turn a good photograph into a terrible disaster.

Better to use the advanced options of the camera app

While most smartphone camera apps are fairly simple to use, mastering them takes a little more time, knowledge, and most of all practice. Now when you get Not only do you get higher quality photographs, but also almost entirely without the flash.

Adjusting the white balance, ISO, HDR and other options is much more recommended than turning on the flash and taking the picture. Remember that the flash is still a small LED that all it does is illuminate a small area with little control over it.

Also remember that if a photograph did not turn out the way we want, we can always use one of the many editing apps that exist in the Google Application Store.

It is completely useless to use remotely

Electric torch

Nor that using the flash would make you a better photographer

A smartphone’s flash doesn’t have much range, which practically makes it useless to use it to photograph objects or situations far from us.

Honestly, before using the flash it won’t do anything, much better to use the night mode that pretty much all phones currently have. Most likely, the results are far from perfect – most smartphone cameras are dim at night – but they will be much better than what we could get by activating just the flash.

Make the most of the environment

In this article in which we have advised against using the flash, one of the tricks we gave you was to take advantage of the environment around us.

If we are taking photos at night in a city, surely in this there are hundreds of lights to exploit. As if that weren’t enough, we can always use the flashlight of a second mobile phone that we have at hand and ask a friend for help too. Both options are better than using the damn terminal flash.

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