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Looking for games similar to Minecraft for Android? Here we show you the best

Juegos similares a Minecraft Android

Looking for games similar to Minecraft for Android? Look no further. Here we took care of the research similar games that you can download for free on your mobile device.

It is worth mentioning to find games similar to Minecraft for Android, we based the research on the «Creation», that is, we look in the Google Play Store for those games in which crafting is the main feature.

The best games similar to Minecraft for Android

Games similar to Minecraft Android

Before we show you the different alternatives that you can access for free, it is important to mention this all these games are compatible with mobile phones and tablets running Android 5.0 or later.

If your mobile device has a higher Android version than the one mentioned above, you will not find any problem while downloading and playing all the games we show you below.

Crafting and Building, the free version of Minecraft

If you want to play the closest Minecraft-like game that exists for Android, Crafting and Building is the title you should download to your mobile device. He himself is neither more nor less than a Free version of Minecraft, because the original game is priced over 6 euros, which is not the case here.

Graphically it is very similar, since the title has the same textures, as well as the shape of the elements, which is totally square. Obviously, don’t expect gameplay that is the same as Minecraft, as this game has some differences which point out that they are not the same.

Creation and construction

FreeCraft, the game that copies Minecraft from start to finish

The FreeCraft developers have a very clear idea when creating this game: «We want to offer a free version very similar to Minecraft for Android», an idea they have applied from the beginning, why FreeCraft is a faithful copy that you should try.

This game offers the same graphics and gameplay as Minecraft, although there are some differences in the mechanics and objectives that must be achieved within the title, characteristics that make it an alternative title and not a raw copy.

Link | Download APK

Block Craft 3D, a very interesting alternative to Minecraft

As the name suggests, this is a file 3D block game which aims to provide a totally free alternative to Minecraft for Android. The interesting thing about this game is that it allows you to explore other worlds created by other users, so online play is present from the very first moment in Block Craft 3D.

It should be noted that although graphically it looks a lot like MinecraftThis video game is not a copy of the original version, as there are some mechanics that make it very different. Of course it’s completely free, so there’s no need to spend real money to enjoy the title.

Block Craft 3D Simulator Free: Fun Games

Survivalcraft, the cheapest version of Minecraft for Android

Do you want a game similar to Minecraft in all respects? If your answer is «Yup», you’ll have to spend a couple of euros, well Survivalcraft is a paid game which is very close to the official version of Minecraft for Android mobile devices.

With a price tag of 4 euros, Survivalcraft ranks first in the list of Minecraft-like games. Inside you can build what you want, provided that the necessary materials are obtained to be able to carry out this type of construction.


Block Story, a Minecraft with dinosaurs

Although in Block Story you should do almost the same as in Minecraft, that is get minerals, build things and try to survive as long as possible, what differentiates this game from the original is the inclusion of dinosaurs and dragons.

With a great creation system very similar to that of Minecraft, this game mix RPG elements with action and adventure, which when combined make it a very entertaining title. In addition to being able to create your own world, Block Story will allow you to summon huge creatures to help you on your journey.

History of the blocks

The Blockheads, survival in the best Minecraft style

Considered to be one of the best survival games for Android, The Blockheads is an interesting free alternative to Minecraft that you should try. In addition to being considered as a real alternative to the most popular sandbox in the world, it is a title that adds some features that make it «single» in his style.

Of course, you don’t expect good graphics and advanced mechanics in terms of gameplay, since, being a small project, there aren’t many things to do within the scenarios that the game offers. It certainly isn’t bad at all if you’re not willing to pay play Minecraft on your mobile.

The stupid ones

Terraria, the perfect alternative to Minecraft

In the best platforming style of play, Terraria is an option you should consider, especially if you are looking for a very similar alternative to Minecraft. Its main difference is the graphics quality, because there are no 3D elements here, everything the world is based on a 2D type architecture.

It is not necessary to know too much about this type of game to be able to play it, and it is that like Minecraft, the goal is to collect materials to create weapons, cook food and find minerals that will allow you to build houses, buildings and many other things.


Junk Jack, a 2D Minecraft

Like Terraria, in Junk Jack you will have an overview of the 2D scenarios, meaning the graphics in this title are flat. If you like this type of file «Panoramas», you should try this interesting free alternative to Minecraft.

Here you have to play the role of a farmer who needs your help to survive. Through the collection of minerals and materials, you will be able to manufacture weapons and improve your workplace infrastructure, essential points that you must take into consideration if you do not want to lose your life.

Junk Jack

Last Day on Earth: survival, zombies and survival in the best Minecraft style

A futuristic game similar to Minecraft? Yes, it exists incredibly and is called Last Day on Earth. In the same you have to test all your skills to survive In a world full of dangers If you think you can endure hunger, search for materials and face powerful enemies, this is the game you should download.

It must be said that graphically it does not look like Minecraft at all, because there are no low-quality cubes or textures here. In what it looks like it’s in the gameplay, ever since you will have to build, find materials and survive At any cost.

Last Day on Earth: Survival

Little Alchemy 2, fun in a world similar to Minecraft

If you like what it has to do with construction, combination of minerals and manufacture of thingsYou may like Little Alchemy 2 even more than Minecraft. Here you will not have to survive, nor will you have to face enemies, what you will have to do is combine different types of minerals and materials in order to achieve the hundreds of objectives that the game imposes on you from the first second.

You could say that It is an alternative to Minecraft for its element production system, although it is far from it, at least as regards the gameplay. Likewise, we recommend that you download and try it, we are more than sure it will catch your attention.

Little alchemy 2

The Escapists: Prison Break, a game very similar to Minecraft that renews the genre

With a completely different approach to Minecraft, this game will put you in the shoes of a criminal who needs your help to be able to escape from prison. To do this, you must dodge all the dangers that will arise in the prison, although you will also have to procure materials for your escape to be successful.

As you move from one stage to the next, you can build more elements which will make your task easier. Of course, not everything is as simple as it seems, because getting these materials will be a very difficult task.

The Escapists: Prison Break

Buried Town, running away from zombies has never been this fun

The world as we know it has changed, nothing is more normal and few people have managed to survive one of the hardest plagues in history. You’re one of those people, then you will have to do everything possible to survive and repopulate a devastated world.

If you like the Minecraft building system, Buried Town will enchant you. Inside you will have to build houses, tools and traps to fight against the thousands of zombies that will attack you at any moment.


Crashlands, the Minecraft from space

This is a fun video game in which you will have to colonize most of the universe. Thanks to interstellar travel, you can explore hundreds of planets to improve your technology and build infrastructure that will allow you to obtain materials and minerals.

In our opinion, it’s one of the more fun Minecraft alternatives we’ve found in the Google Play Store. If you want something totally different from Minecraft, Crashlands is the game you should download to your mobile device.

Crashlands: Story-based creation ARPG

Without much more to add, we take this opportunity to mention it Another alternative you can access is called Minecraft Earth. If you have not been able to try this game because your mobile is not compatible, click here to download Minecraft Earth on unsupported Android phones.