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Kaspersky: 47% of Latin American companies use outdated technologies

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«How companies can minimize the cost of a security breach«.

According to the new Kaspersky report: 47% of Latin American companies use an obsolete type of technology within their IT infrastructure. This practice puts companies at risk of further financial damage in the event of a security breach. 51% more for SMEs and 77% more for companies, compared to those that update in time.

While vulnerabilities are inevitable in any software, including updates and patches on a regular basis can minimize the risks. It is for this reason that users are advised to always install the latest software versions as they become available. Considering that nearly half of Latin American companies are using outdated technology or software. The Kaspersky report makes it clear that organizations must prioritize software renewal and be ready to invest and save money in the long run.

Facing a security breach in large enterprises with outdated technology, such as unpatched operating systems, old software, or unsupported mobile devices. Financial damages can average $ 1,252,000, which is 77% higher than the average for companies with fully up-to-date technology, $ 709,000. In the case of SMBs in the region, the average financial damage reaches $ 112,000 for those with outdated technology, which is 51% more than for those with up-to-date IT. Losses of which amount to $ 74,000 dollars in the event of a security breach.

Average cost (in dollars) of a security breach based onregardless of whether the company has outdated technology or not

Among the reasons for not updating the technology, one of the most common is incompatibility with internally developed applications (49%).

A critical factor for those organizations developing software in-house to meet their needs or when using applications with limited support. Another common reason, mentioned by 47% of respondents, is the reluctance of employees to work with new software versions. On the other hand, 39% of study participants said the technologies were not updated because they were owned by board members, and 13% said the company lacked the necessary resources to upgrade.

“Any additional costs for businesses are critical, especially now that the global economic situation is unstable due to the pandemic. For this reason, our report analyzed how companies can reduce the financial impact of a cybersecurity incident «, Explain Claudio Martinelli, Kaspersky’s General Manager for Latin America.

“The results of the report confirm the impact of having outdated software. Even when they can’t be eliminated immediately, some measures help mitigate risks, allowing companies to save money and avoid other potential consequences ”.

To minimize the risk from software vulnerabilities, Kaspersky recommends taking the following measures:

  • Make sure your organization is using the latest version of the operating system and applications, with automatic update features enabled so that the software is always up to date.
  • If the software cannot be updated, companies are advised to address this attack vector by separating vulnerable nodes from the rest of the network, along with other measures.
  • Enable vulnerability scanning and patch management functionality in a security protection solution. endpoint. This allows you to automatically remove vulnerabilities in infrastructure software, proactively fix them, and download essential software updates.
  • It is important to increase the security knowledge and cybersecurity capabilities of IT managers, who are at the forefront of updates to the security infrastructure. It can also help you complete a specific online cybersecurity training course.
  • In the case of critical IT or OT systems, it is important to always be protected beyond the availability of software updates. This means that only the default tasks should be enabled for their own system purposes. KasperskyOS supports this concept of cyberimmunity which can be used to design IT systems that are secure by design.

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