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Java vs Javascript which is better? Differences between programming languages

Java vs Javascript which is better?  Differences between programming languages

The Programming languages ​​are the foundation of all computing. We can currently find many, many languages ​​that serve different purposes. Likewise, more and more languages ​​are emerging.

So, among the most important we can mention C, C ++, C #, Java, Python, Ruby, Swift, JavaScript, among many others. Likewise, they are many job requests of professionals in the sector.

This is how we ask ourselves, which is the best of them? This is essential if we are considering starting our skills in a new programming language. Well, two good options are Java and JavaScript. Here we will tell you the differences between these two, to decide which one to learn.

Java vs JavaScript which is better?

As are Java and JavaScript two completely different programming languages, we can hardly point out which one is better than another. This is because they both perform different activities for different purposes.

javascript programming language

That way, if yours are web or mobile applications, the best option is JavaScript. If, on the other hand, what you are looking for is a language that allows you to do so work in a general and polyvalent way then Java is the best option.

Now, something we can say is which language should I learn? This is how we come across a job market where mobile application development is the main demand. And for this reason JavaScript becomes the best option to learn today.

With knowledge of this language, it won’t take you long to find a job, which last year was positioned as the language with the highest demand on the world’s most popular freelance websites.

Differences between Java and JavaScript programming languages

If we are learning to code, the languages ​​of Java and JavaScript seem quite similar to us every. This is why we make the mistake of thinking that they are similar languages. Well, the only similar thing these languages ​​have is Java at the beginning of their name.

Purpose of language

Now, as far as the differences are concerned, we can first highlight the orientation of each. Java is a multipurpose program. It works mainly on the desktop side, although it can also be used in web programming.

On the other hand, JavaScript is oriented as a language for web programming. However, it is also cross-platform, but its purpose is not general, its main use is to create professional and dynamic web pages.

java code

Compiled or interpreted?

Regarding the language format, Java is a language that must be compiled using a virtual machine. While JavaScript works in a compiled form, ready to be interpreted by a web browser. This greatly influences the programmers’ decision on which one to work on.

Likewise, since Java is a more general language, this is strongly typed. This implies the use of variables, the data type must be defined in advance and only this data type can be stored there.

On the other hand, JavaScript doesn’t require any data definition, plus you can use a data type and here interact with different types of data. As the purpose of the data is defined at the time of interpretation.

Object Oriented Programming

As for the way of programming, Java is designed for work with object-oriented programming. Well, this style is the one currently used for programming a lot of things. And Java has powerful tools for doing powerful enough programming.

However, JavaScript is designed to work functionally. Sure, you can also work object-oriented but in a more outdated way. This is due to its original design work with functions or procedures. Likewise, advances in Java Script make it increasingly similar to Java in object-oriented programming.

Java, owned by Oracle

A big difference between these two languages ​​is that Java is owned by the big company Oracle, this will give youguarantees greater support multi platform. However, it limits it in terms of development and updates.

As for JavaScript, it is a collective, non-profit development. Which is a plus ever since constantly updated according to requests of new browsers and technologies on the rise. Promote greater competitiveness in the market.