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How to watch Antena 3 online and live on your mobile, tablet or browser: Guide 2021

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Although there are more and more channels and even streaming services that mark greater competitiveness, Antenna 3 continues to be one of the most viewed channels in Spain thanks to its variety of content. In fact, the «traditional» channels have not completely lost their «hook», as we saw in the post about it how to watch Telecinco online for free.

Its popularity is such that for years the TV is not the only device to enjoy it, but you can also do it see all your programming through any device mobile.

Do you want to know how to do it? Keep reading!

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How to watch Antena 3 live and online for free in 2021: all methods for mobile and computer

Next, we will explain how to watch Antena 3 online and live totally free. With these platforms you can connect the channel with your mobile and other devices. You will get information on how they work, what their needs, benefits and prices are.

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How to watch Antenna 3 live for free from the browser

It’s a online video platform of the ATresMedia group, producers of Antena 3 and other major channels such as La Sexta, Mega, Neox, among others.

Here you can have fun all direct Antena 3 programs as if you were watching it on television, only this time you will see it on the Internet. This service is free, but you have a Premium version that will allow you to view the same programming without commercial interruptions, for only € 2.99 per month.

To be able to watch Antena 3 live from your browser, you just have to do it register on the ATRESPlayer page with your name and some additional information. You can enjoy all online content via any browser.

To access the official A3Player site and see all the content you want 100% free, you just have to go to the official link:

antena3 live online for free

Download from the official site

How to watch Antena 3 live on your mobile with the A3player app

Another great alternative to watch Antena 3 online is with the ATresPlayer app. This is a version for mobile devices only, indiscriminately have an iOS and Android operating system. Likewise, with this digital resource you will have the opportunity to enjoy the programming of all the channels of the Atresmedia group.

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It is an application for your smartphone that will always be updated, so you can broadcast your favorite programming live and with the latest news on TV. Other important features are the following.

Without a doubt, this is the best application to watch A3 for free on your mobile. Download it from markets officers:

atresplayer free

Download on Play Store

Download for iOS

How to watch A3 for free on your mobile with alternative apps

In addition to the official app, on the Internet you can find other scheduling options that will allow you to see A3 live, as well as other national and international production channels. In our list you can choose a good application for watching television on your mobile.

Some of the most recommended are the following:

  • Poult TV: Exclusive app for Android that can be used from version 4.1 of your mobile operating system. It is a favorite because it offers you free TV shows, live and from various countries. It has a good loading speed, although the application interface is very outdated, it is not possible to put it in «full screen» mode.
  • Spanish TV: is one of the most complete, shows almost all national channels and you can conveniently view them on your Android 2.2 or later. It’s totally free, but you have to see some ads in return. If you want to have access to exclusive programming, you need to rate it with a good rating in the Google Play Store.
  • You TV Player: Unlike the previous two, this is an option for iOS or Apple mobile devices. It’s a great option for watching TV from a smaller screen. The best thing about this alternative is that it has a more social component and has a Spanish platform, accepts multiple formats and is compatible with Chromecast.
  • My Online TV: totally free. When you install it, you can access a programming guide with all channels, as well as set a schedule and alarms for the start of your favorite series or show.
  • Mobdro: if you want to have one app with all the television programming Sorted by themes, you will love this app, which already brings together channels from all over the world. In order to watch Antena3 live you just have to go to the Spain section and search. If you’re interested, it also includes a movie-only section.

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With a DTT tuner for mobile devices

Without a doubt, the most cumbersome option, but we shouldn’t miss it for that. Also, with this device We will not use mobile data nor will it be necessary to be connected to WiFi not only to see Antena3, but any TV show or DTT channel.

It is a small gadget (usually small in size less than 3 centimeters) that we can take anywhere and with whom we can see «The channels of all life». Obviously, within the European territory.

You just have to plug the device into your phone’s micro-USB port and that’s it. Depending on the brand, you will have to download an application or another, but in any case the procedure is very simple and intuitive.

To consider before buying it:

  • The version of your operating system.
  • Your own operating system, as there are some exclusive to Android and others to iOS.
  • Compatibility between both devices.
  • Your DTT coverage area (region or country).
  • You will consume a lot of mobile battery.

A more than decent option for sporadic moments when we don’t want to spend data on our phone and want to see something from the television grid live and for free.

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