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How to show or hide Windows 10 desktop icons

Cómo mostrar u ocultar iconos en Windows

it’s possible to exhibit or to hide the icons of desk from Windows 10. It has an option so that we can hide them from everyone. But what many people don’t know is that we can hide specific icons.

Show or hide system icons in Windows 10

Before we get started, Windows 10 includes a dedicated section that It will allow us to configure whether we want to hide or show system icons. This includes this PC, documents, network, recycle bin, etc.

For this we will simply go to Settings by pressing Windows + i and then select «Personalization». A new window opens and we go to the left sidebar and select «Themes». Now let’s go to the right sidebar and click on «Desktop Icon Settings«.

A new window opens in which we will choose which icons we want to show or hide on our computer desktop.

Hide any file or folder on the Windows desktop

It is possible to hide any type of icon or file on the desktop or in any location on our computer.

Change folder and search options.

For this we will first have to configure a Windows option. We open «This PC» or «This PC» by pressing «Windows + E» to open File Explorer. So let’s go to «File» in the upper left corner and select «Change folder and search options».

A small window will open and we will have to go to the «View» tab.

Hide the Windows 10 desktop icons.

We will have many options related to File Explorer. But what we are interested in is «Hidden files and folders» almost at the beginning. We will mark the option that says «Don’t show hidden files, folders or drives«. Click» Apply «and then» OK «.

Hide any file in Windows 10.

Now we can hide the icons. For this we will have to right click on the file or link that we want to hide and then select «Properties».

A new window will open and in the «General» tab we have to look down. Where it says «Attributes» here we have to mark the «Hidden» option and click «Apply», then «OK» and that’s it.

The file or folder will remain hidden on your computer. It will not be removed from it. However, anyone who knows how to change File Explorer settings can access it.

How to show hidden icons in Windows 10

We will have to press «Windows + E» and then go to «File» in the upper right corner of the screen, click on «Change folder and search options».

In this new window that opens, we select the «View» tab and several options will appear. What we are interested in is «Hidden files and folders» which is almost at the beginning.

We select «Show hidden files, folders and drives» and click «OK». In this way we will be able to see all the files or folders that we hide. We repeat the process to hide them again. Except that instead of choosing the first option, we choose «Do not show hidden files, folders or drives».