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How to share your WiFi using a QR code?

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If you have recently been to a hotel or bar, you have probably noticed that it tries to reduce the interaction between those who hang out with us, the customers or diners. Of course, this is a consequence of the health recommendations. Obviously, technology plays a fundamental role in this regard. This also contributes to improving our quality of life. For example, if you are tired of passwords, we will show you what are the steps you need to follow whenever you want to share you Wifi through a QR Code.

If you remember, a few days ago we were talking about QR codes, what are their uses and how many classes exist. Now we think it would be a good idea to analyze one of its most beneficial uses, which allows us to share information with third parties, taking advantage of the agility of operation they offer.

For these reasons that we express here, we have seen that the habit of asking our host for the WiFi password is becoming out of fashion. We do not exclude that, in a short time, it even seems directly a thing of the past. And best of all, you can bring this option to your home, without requiring a large investment or anything else.

How to share your WiFi using a QR code step by step

If your intention is to share your WiFi using a QR code, first of all you will have to create it, of course. The generation of this element is not too complicated, as long as you follow this procedure:

  • Enter this site for QR code generator.
  • Select the WiFi network icon
  • A window will appear from which you can configure the encryption of the WiFi network
  • You will need to add information, such as the network name and password
  • Once you have added all the information elements, you can click Create QR Code

You can also tweak the QR code a bit, such as color, frame, logo, etc., until it convinces you 100%. That said, you can reach other levels of editing with specific software that works on SVG or EPS formats. In any case, once your work is done, print it.

Once printed, it is best to place it in your living room or in any part of your home, office or commercial space, where it is convenient for those who visit you. They will just have to scan it to connect to your network.

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And how to scan the QR code of a foreign WiFi network?

On iPhone

If you have an iPhone and want to connect to someone else’s WiFi network, you can scan the QR code in seconds. You need to open your device’s camera and scan the QR code to connect to that network.

On Android

Meanwhile, in smartphones with an Android operating system, everything will depend a little on the manufacturer.

Some product families do not require more effort than iOS. This means that we just have to open the Camera app of the device, scan the QR code and we will be automatically connected to the WiFi network.

Other older versions of Android or some specific brands may require the help of an external app. There are dozens of them in the Google Play Store, although one of the most recommended is the FREE QR Reader. You should check if your camera is good enough or if it really improves the experience with an external player.

That said, we think you should also be aware of the hidden security risks of QR codes. When you consider them, you are less likely to be surprised by any of them.