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How to share files from your smartphone or tablet with your Smart TV

Compartir archivos de tu Smartphone a Smart TV

How to share files from your Smartphone or Tablet with your LG Smart TV

When you have a big screen TV, you want to see everything on it. So it’s no wonder you’d rather enjoy your last weekend’s photos on television than on your mobile. That’s why today we want to tell you how to connect your Smartphone or Tablet to your TV to be able to share all the content you want.

There are four different methods. So stay tuned and choose the one you like best.


With this technology you can connect your LG Smart TV with other devices connected to the same WiFi network or via a network cable. All you need is for the devices on the network to be DLNA compliant. So you can enjoy photos, music and videos stored on these devices on your TV.

Step 1. Set up the TV

To share multimedia content via DLNA, it is essential that the phone and the TV are connected to the same local network, i.e. to the same router or access point via the WiFi signal or via a network cable. Check that your TV is also connected to the network in the TV settings.

Step 2. Smartphone setup

  1. Connect your smartphone to the same local network as the TV.
  2. Go to the gallery and choose, for example, a photo. Click on the «Properties» menu and select «SmartShare»
  3. It will immediately start a search for DLNA compatible devices on the local network.

Step 3. The selected image will be displayed on the TV.

You can also view a group of pictures, videos or music. The menus on your device may not be the same, so if they differ, check your product manual to find it again.

Miracast (for Android)

Miracast allows for an easy, fast and wireless connection between your TV and your tablet or smartphone, which will allow you to see everything that happens in real time on your mobile device directly on your TV screen.

Step 1. Disconnect HbbTV from TV

To use Miracast you need to disconnect HbbTV from the TV. To do this, press the «Settings» or «Menu» button on the remote control. Go to «Quick Settings» and disconnect HbbTV.

If you have a TV with webOS, you need to go to «Settings» and click on the option «Disconnect HbbTV»

Step 2. Activate Miracast on the TV

We recommend that you activate Miracast on your TV first. The moment you plug it in, it will start looking for devices that are compatible with Miracast and have already enabled it.

If you still don’t know if your TV is compatible with Miracast, check the product manual and check how to activate it. It can be accessed via the settings button.

Step 3: Activate Miracast on your phone.

On your phone, swipe your finger from top to bottom to open the notification panel. Activate the Miracast icon and it will automatically start searching for compatible devices.

When finished, a list with all founds will appear where you can choose your TV. But remember that both the phone and the device you connect it to must be on the same local network.

If you can’t find the Miracast icon, check that you are running Android 4.2 or later. You can also change the notification panel so that it appears on it.

You can also access it through your phone’s «Settings».

Step 4. Share your smartphone content with Miracast

Your smartphone screen appears on your TV in the same way it appears on your phone. It becomes something like a remote desktop. So everything you do on the phone will be reflected in real time on your TV.

Direct Wi-Fi

With WiFi Direct the connection with your TV will be direct. There will be no intermediate router or access point, and you won’t even need to enter a password.

Step 1. Disconnect HbbTV from TV

To use WiFi Direct you need to disconnect HbbTV from the TV. To do this, as we saw above, just press the «Settings» or «Menu» button on the remote control. Then, you just need to go to «Settings», select «Options» and «Disconnect HbbTV».

Step 2. Activate WiFi Direct on your phone

Go to «Settings», «Networks», «WiFi Direct». And activate it.

Step 3. Activate WiFi Direct on the TV

  1. Go to the «Settings» menu and search for «WiFi Direct». Once activated, the TV will start automatically searching for devices. So hopefully you should see your phone when you’re done.
  2. Select your phone from the list of available devices. Then go to the terminal, you will have a few seconds to accept the connection. When finished, both devices will be connected.

Step 4: Share content from your phone

Once the devices are paired, you can open the SmartShare application on your phone and start sharing content with your TV.


With MHL you can make your TV smart by connecting it to a Smartphone via the HDMI-MHL cable. This way, not only will you be able to share your phone screen with your TV, but you can also charge the battery while it is connected.

Step 1. Check the TV

Check that the MHL adapter is integrated into the HDMI port of your LG Smart TV.

Step 2. Without power, it’s easier

The cable between the smartphone and the TV does not require an intermediate power connection. Power is supplied from the TV itself to the HDMI (MHL) connector, so it couldn’t be simpler.

We hope all of these pointers have helped you share your phone’s content with your LG Smart TV. And in any case, if you have any questions, you just have to write to us on any of our social channels.