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How to save a WhatsApp audio on Android

How to save a WhatsApp audio on Android

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In addition to text chat and file sharing, the WhatsApp messaging application allows you to share audio files with your friends. However, some users find it difficult to save these audios. Check out our tutorial on how to save a WhatsApp audio sent by email and get all your questions.

This feature is very interesting, as you often don’t have time or availability to write, and only one registration audio to save time in your conversations.

In fact, if the application is configured to automatically save incoming multimedia files, everything will be in the memory of your smartphone, but saving via email is much more convenient and faster.

Well, the procedure is very simple and works for both iOS and Android. Read on and find out how to save an audio WhatsApp.

Storing an audio WhatsApp


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Step 1

Open a conversation in WhatsApp where you want to save an audio file and locate it. Then press your finger for a few seconds on the audio. In the menu that will appear, click «Share», highlighted in the image below.

Step 2

Then click on your email (in the case of the image – Gmail).

Step 3

Enter the email address you wish to share and press’Send‘in the upper right corner of the screen. This sends the attached file to the specified email address. To save it on your PC or even on your smartphone, all you have to do is access the email and download the file.

The IOS operating system of this procedure is performed in a very similar way, and you just have to follow these steps to be able to send the file by email.