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How to make the most of this «Cyber ​​Monday»?

How to make the most of this "Cyber ​​Monday"?

After Black Friday comes the Cyber ​​Monday, For years, both discount campaigns have been the ones that kickstart Christmas shopping (especially online) in the United States and, like other customs, have been exported to various countries, including Spain. With the current pandemic context, these electronic purchases made today will undoubtedly be superior to those made in physical stores.

What is the origin of Cyber ​​Monday?

In the United States it is already celebrating its 15th anniversary, dating back to 2005, the year of commerce on line it was not yet so widespread. In our country it started in 2010, although it didn’t become popular until just two years ago, with offers focused on electronic products: mobile phones, tablets, video games, computer items and accessories. However, it is already possible to see these discounts on appliances and accessories.

Keys to take advantage of the offers

– Create a wish list: First of all, make a list with everything you want to buy, so you value what is really important to you, have clearer ideas and facilitate responsible consumption.

– Check out the promotions: In addition to discounts and offers, there are some platforms that offer promotions in the form of a subscription, selling joint packages of products. It may be cheaper to take out these subscriptions than to purchase the products separately.

Beware of scams: It is an event with so many electronic transactions that scammers take advantage of the opportunity for theft. Do not provide your card number for purchases on platforms certified as safe and be wary of too flashy bargains.

Use the apps: if the store where you want to make a purchase has an extension app mobile, you can see if there are any customer exclusive offers or redeemable discount coupons. Also, if you decide to buy in this way, you will do it safely, as the site is official.

– Compare prices: Like every other shopping day, it’s important to compare the same product in different establishments or, if there are similar ones with similar benefits, take quality by brand into account.

– Take into account the return policies: Not all businesses behave the same way if you decide to return a product, either because you thought about it better or because you made a mistake in your choice. Check the conditions carefully so that you don’t have to pay extra in case of a return.

Finally, we recommend that you give it a try buy from trusted sites, in both cases on line or physically and always rationally. The goal is to take advantage of this special day to obtain quality products, obtaining the maximum benefit and savings possible.

Happy and technological shopping!