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How to make money and become an influencer by uploading videos to YouTube

How to make money and become an influencer by uploading videos to YouTube

A new profession has appeared, that of «influencers», the ability to move an incredible number of people offers a world of non-negligible opportunities for digital marketing and online sales. Here you will know how earn money and become an influencer upload videos to YouTube.

Easiest ways to make money on YouTube

Whether you have a channel with around a hundred thousand subscribers or are just thinking about how to create it and what your content would be, keep in mind that on YouTube you can monetize your channel or earn extra money in many ways, live on the profits you generate with the your channel,

Join the YouTube Partner Program

As a YouTuber, you will not be able to monetize any of your videos if you have not been accepted into the «YouTube Partner Program». This has 3 conditions:

  • Have more than 1,000 subscribers.
  • Have over 4,000 hours of replays in the past 12 months.
  • Have a linked Adsense account.

This is crucial, remember, you cannot monetize any video until you have complied with it and join the YouTube Partner Program.

Advertising on YouTube.

YouTube does not pay subscribers, so if you pay it, for the amount of ads your subscribers can see while enjoying your content, this has variables that directly affect the profits you can make.

laptop of the YouTube program

  • What kind of ad it is, this refers to whether they will be banners, discoveries, whether it can be skipped or not, plus the ad content or its type is our decision but YouTube itself.
  • The playing time of said announcement.
  • The existing competitiveness, these ads work by offer, that is, the one with the largest advertisers, earn the most, the large advertisers will always look for the channels with the largest number of subscribers.

Promotional content in your videos

In this era of modernity, social networks are a fundamental tool for large companies to generate effective advertising campaigns, they are often always looking for influencers who are willing to promote their products in exchange for monetary compensation.

Other ways to generate revenue with your YouTube channel

Affiliate programs

This method has gotten pretty popular lately, although you’ll need your community of subscribers to be large enough to really work. Many companies may ask you to join their affiliate program, which works as follows.

boy stream record video camera microphone

You will be provided with a unique link created for you and your channel through which your subscribers will have to access and subscribe to the platform of the company in question, for every new subscription that the company obtains through your link, you will generate profits through a commission.


Crowdfunding platforms have taken a turn that cannot be overlooked with respect to the concept of donations, which previously did not give good results with only place a button to allow your subscribers to donate their contribution to the content creator.

Currently platforms like Patreon work very well for content creators who offer their subscribers Premium content in exchange for a small donation fee on Patreon.

3 things to consider before becoming a YouTube influencer

These are not the only ways to generate revenue on the YouTube platform, we present the ones that might be easier for you, however there are many more such as partnering with brands or other YouTubers, sponsors of your brand or channel, etc.

  • Make a successful YouTube channel it requires a lot of patience and effort, maintain the quality of your content, make sure the audio and video are adequate and as professional as possible.
  • You should promote your channel, through web pages, social networks, deals with other YouTubers (that’s getting sponsors), all of these methods are extremely helpful when you’re trying to attract as many people as possible.
  • You must remember that YouTube belongs to Google, this means that the control over your subscriber list is Google and not you. You should be careful not to violate the rules that have been established for you Or you may face shutting down your channel. Then you would disappear from the internet and all your subscribers plus the work you had developed.