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How to hide that you are online for my contacts in Telegram – Turn on stealth mode

How to hide that you are online for my contacts in Telegram - Turn on stealth mode

In the world of mobile devices, instant messaging applications are almost essential, that’s what Telegram is about. This application had its peak in 2013 which is why WhatsApp has an edge when it comes to user numbers. In other respects Telegram offers even more security and more support.

Like many other applications, this one also opens the door to the world of technology, with a new way of communicating through these interactions in instant messaging applications. Also we can contact people located in other countries. Society is somehow even more connected.

Basically this application provides security regarding the communication within it. Similarly, to use it you have to create a Telegram account and thus obtain the interaction with other users what belongs to him, is what you want is to provide you with a courier service.

Today not only Telegram, but WhatsApp owns it ‘online’ which for many sucks because the person knows when you are connected to the social network For this reason, you will learn more about this topic below. And now you can decide for yourself if you want others to know that you are inside the application or not.

How to hide that you are online for my contacts on Telegram?

Many wonder if this is possible and if In Telegram you can activate the invisible mode so that other people don’t know you’re online, a tool many want. The first thing you should do is open the Telegram application on your mobile.

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The second thing you need to do is locate three lines on the left side, you will click on it, after which a new section will proceed where you will click on the settings. The third step is select privacy and security, and in the new section click where it says last time online.

The next thing you should do is select what you want to do is say yes. you want everyone to see you online, none or just your contacts. Another curious option is not to share with. But if it’s the stealth mode you want, the option is none. So no one knows that you are online and you will have your stealth mode activated.

Prevent my contacts from knowing that I have Telegram

If it is the case that stealth mode is not enough, you can choose another option so that no one knows that you are the owner of Telegram. The main thing is to go back to the settings and within this option select privacy and security. In that new section you will click on the phone number.

That’s where you’ll go select who can see your number, because if they see your number it’s when they know you use Telegram, but if it’s the other way around, only the ones you want will see it. The last step is to select whether nobody, your contacts or everyone can see your number and it’s easy and simple.

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It is also important that you know this This service is free And this is not only available on mobile phones, but you can also download Telegram on PC for free. Many times we need a messaging application for our company, that’s why we want to have this chat on our PC, so it would be very useful.

Advantages of Telegram

One of the most important is that you only need the Internet, that is, it is free and you can access from wherever you want, you have more access to more privacy, even the profile picture, you can select who you want to see it. Another major benefit is end-to-end encryption for added security.

It has many advantages Actually, but you have to learn how to use and configure Telegram step by step, as it is among the most used instant messaging applications. Another advantage is that you can create groups in Telegram with friends and family up to 5,000 users, it allows you more skills and more interaction.

Another advantage is that it has a cloud and you can too save many files within the application. Another thing that happens to us in other applications is that we send a file and this deterioration on arrival loses quality and in Telegram this does not happen.

Finally, another no less important advantage is that you can create chat passwords. If so, it would give you even more privacy if you wish with a specific chat if you wish.