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How to get or change my unique password online online – Activation code

How to get or change my unique password online online - Activation code

Surf the Internet and getting to know various online platforms with multiple themes and functions has become a fairly constant task nowadays.

Technology advances and through it there are many tools that do our daily life more manageable in carrying out various activities, such as obtaining accurate information, publishing content, creating blogs, shopping in online, national or international stores.

The internet allows us to access many good and beneficial things, but with good use it facilitates comfort when learning something from home, access the web portals, to our banks, to open our emails, to enter the most popular social networks, which today have become a real powerhouse.

Existing this way various Internet browsers, some more effective than others, but always thinking about the user and making the most of his time. In fact, the latest version of Google Chrome is a firm favorite, delivering a large number of results at the time of a search, as well as advanced professional aesthetics to the observer’s goal.

This is how public procedures do not escape the services offered on the Internet. That’s why we’re going to tell you today How to get or change my unique password online on line. This way you can get your activation code online and without leaving home.

web portal to change the unique password

How to get or change my unique password online online – Activation code

If we want to change, update or get a new unique key, it’s extremely simple, the first thing we need to do is, enter the Clave Única websiteOnce there, we click on «restore unique key». Once this is done, it will ask us to enter our «run» and the active email, the platform will automatically send an «activation code» to our email.

If we want to change our unique password, we must enter the page by adding our code and select the « profile » option here we can update our data, including the unique password, by clicking on «update password» and then insert the new one we choose.

It is specified that to obtain said Unique Key for the first time it is absolutely necessary to be in possession of a valid identity card, and to enter the aforementioned platform in the same way, and we will use the «key recovery» option.

Unique Key What is it and what is it for?

This is a virtual identification that allows us carry out procedures in various state offices, This platform was created by the Chilean government, to facilitate its population with the paperwork in terms of associated procedures, we can virtually enter it and choose the option we want, giving the possibility to enter the various social plans of the state.

A great advantage of this electronic tool or platform is that we can carry out these activities from the comfort of our home, without having to go to any center related to what we are trying to solve, providing us with significant time savings, trust, immediacy and, of course, confidence in doing so.

solid offices

Its platform is simple enough to use for those who don’t handle the world of online web pages well, it has various functions and a quite creative aesthetic in the eyes of the user.

How to get my unique password in an easy way?

It is important to remember that to obtain it it is necessary to go personally to the centers and offices of the civil registry, since the presence to verify the identity of the beneficiaryLikewise, have an up-to-date and valid identification document, and subsequently we must ask or require one of the officers in the offices to grant us an activation code for our unique password.

We must also provide an email that is active in its entirety, since at the time of any adjustment it will be used, once we have our code provided, we quickly enter the Unique Key site and select the option to « activate the unique key done this we will enter the web portal and we will enter the required data in it.

Therefore, it is worth mentioning it when carrying out the procedures you need an Internet connection and a fast browser, as the platform requires it for its best functioning.