New emojis for WhatsApp: How to get them?

New emojis for WhatsApp: how to get them now

WhatsApp will soon have a large number of new emojis. But how can you get them on your smartphone? We show you how to get them in minutes.
WhatsApp is currently awash with new emojis. At least if you have downloaded the beta version on your smartphone and are updating it. It has the number 2.19.315 and must land automatically on the beta tester’s smartphone sooner or later, depending on the settings.

Here are the new WhatsApp emojis

The new emojis come from version 13.0 beta of the Unicode consortium and contain many images of people, animals, and couples. Here, tolerance and inclusion are more emphasized. So, with the latest update, more and more emojis for people with disabilities are available. There are also couples of different ethnicities and of the same sex and the emoji for menstruation is included in the collection.
If you want to express your joy in colors, you can now get more choices. For lovers of sweet snacks, WhatsApp now includes waffles with a filling and a piece of butter. New tools, swimwear, and other items are present.

Here are the new emojis in WhatsApp. © wabetainfo
Here are the new emojis in WhatsApp. © wabetainfo

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How to get the new emojis now

If users of the normal application have to wait a while. you can already sign up as a WhatsApp beta tester on the Google Play Store. Then you need to download the beta version of the application in version 2.19.315 and voila.

However, it is clear that you will no longer use the normal version of the application, but that you will have a beta version. From time to time, it may offer features that do not work very well or that simply disappear again. Because a beta program is like an experimental laboratory in the living system. Sooner or later, emojis will also be deployed in the normal version of WhatsApp.

The new emojis leave more room for variety.
The new emojis leave more room for variety. © wabetainfo

Source: Wabetainfo

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