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How to edit an online video quickly and easily

How to edit an online video quickly and easily

You already know that in Actualapp we love to help you. Sometimes we bring you product reviews, other great apps, and some little gems. Today we are in one of those last cases, and it is that we have discovered an excellent free video video editor.

Knowing how to edit videos is a skill that can open more and more doors for us. First of all professionally speaking. Knowing how to do this can add an edge to your resume, especially now that communication is so important. And secondly, it will also allow you to create compositions for family and friends.

Clipchamp is a totally free online video editor

One of the laziest things in life is having to find a program, download and install it. Also, we all try to be free as this type of software is usually quite expensive. Well, we have found a solution to all these problems: Clipchamp.

This video editor has a feature that makes it unique, which is that it is completely online. We will just need internet access. It is a service, fast, intuitive and, very importantly, totally free.

What can we do with Clipchamp? Of everything!

What surprised us the most about this editor, and what led us to write this post, is how comprehensive it is. First we will have to register but we can do it through our Gmail or Facebook account. This is always appreciated.

And from here we can start messing with this platform. We can edit the videos we have recorded, we can use the camera of our laptop or mobile phone to record and edit live, or we can also use already recorded clips that we can find inside this video editor.

In the editor we have many options, including adding text, changing scene transitions or adding a background or logo. It is truly fantastic and allows you to create clips with a touch of incredible professionalism. You also have a lot of templates that will save you a lot of work when editing.

In Clipchamp you will also find a lot of premium material

Everything we have told so far is totally free, but it does not end there. If you’re one of those who don’t like recording or don’t have enough style to do it right, the guys at Clipchamp have plenty of pre-recorded clips.

Some of them are totally free and surely most of you will accept them, but you also have the option to go premium if you wish. Its cost ranges from $ 9 per month to $ 39, depending on your needs. The truth is, it’s really worth it.

In the editorial office, you already know that we are a bit geek, we started sending edited videos to tell us things. It takes 2 minutes to make them and the result is very spectacular. We invite you to try it.

What do you think about it? Know of any other free online video editors like this one? If so, you can leave us a comment and we will analyze it. Long live ClipChamp!