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How to delete your past or all old Facebook posts forever

How to delete your past or all old Facebook posts forever

Taking this into account Facebook is one of the most popular and used social networks in the worldTherefore, considering the millions of interactions made by the various users registered on the platform, it is logical that someone would probably want to delete the publications made in the past.

Therefore, Facebook has not only created ways that you can delete all messages from Facebook Messenger, but also from remove all old posts from your profile forever.

For this reason, we will show you the file way you can erase your past from Facebook or all old posts on your profile forever.

Is it possible to delete all old Facebook posts forever?

The different social networks not only carry with them new ways of communicating, but also to set trends and allow the sharing, through photos or images, of moments that are often immortalized on these platforms.

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On the other hand, although it is known that what is uploaded to the Internet remains on the Internet, this is not entirely true, as most social networks allow you to delete posts that have been created without inconvenience. This is the case with Facebook, which allows its users to delete all types of publications without any of them being registered on the platform.

However, you should consider that if the post you shared in your Facebook bio was not uploaded by you, it will only be removed from your wall, but not from the social network. That is, you can delete pictures, videos or delete the photo from your Facebook profile from your PC or mobile and permanently, but what you have shared it will only be removed from your bio.

In this way, Facebook puts at your disposal all the tools you need to make it happen safely remove your past on the social network. That is, you have the option to delete all old Facebook posts forever.

How to delete your past or all old Facebook posts forever

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The social network platform Facebook has created a section which you can access if necessary delete all old posts of Facebook forever. So you won’t have to choose to permanently delete your Facebook account from your mobile or computer to erase your past on this social network’s platform.

The first step, once you are in your profile, is to go to the «Settings» section and select the «Settings» option that appears there. Next, you need to locate the file «Your Facebook information» option and then «Activity log».

When you log in, you will notice that in this section you will find all the publications you have made from your profile of Facebook, from the creation of the account. It also allows you to rank these publications by year or by category, based on your preferences.

Finally, to delete these publications, you need to select the three dots icon that appears next to each publication and select the «Delete» option from the pop-up menu. This way, you will have permanently deleted your past posts or all old posts on your Facebook profile.

How long do I have to wait before old Facebook posts are permanently removed?

Although most social networks immediately perform this process, the Facebook platform has a garbage can in which the publications that users have made and subsequently deleted from their profile are archived.

That is, once you have deleted the photos of your Facebook account from your mobile or PC, as well as the old publications that you have shared and that you currently consider embarrassing, the same it will be stored in the trash on Facebook before being deleted forever from the platform of this social network.

In this way, from a period of 30 days said the messages were deleted They will be found in the trash on Facebook and, once this time has elapsed, will be permanently and permanently deleted.

However, you shouldn’t worry about anyone having access to all old Facebook posts that you have deleted, because even during this period they will be archived and will not be available in your bio on Facebook.