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How to choose an app to read manga

How to choose an app to read manga

The world of the Internet is full of recreational offerings: comics, manga, cinema, series, literature, music, games … The problem is that each has a specific format, which requires the use of a spice softwarel to access the contents.

Fortunately, app development provides tools to facilitate access to these materials. This is particularly important in manga, a type of comic that was born in paper format and which now triumphs on mobile phones and computers thanks to the development of specific applications. Manga reading apps have given new impetus to this traditional Japanese comic; Although the print versions are still on sale, the digital manga is imposed and has catapulted its characters to all corners of the planet.

What is a manga reader?

Manga readers are tools that analyze comic pages and adapt them to the appropriate format to allow them to be viewed correctly in full screen. The issue of formats is fundamental in manga. This comic book class has its own file types (CBR, CBZ CBT, CB7 and CBA, basically). Each of them will require their own software in order to open it, so you need to equip yourself with tools that

solve the problem quickly and, if possible, from the application itself.

And that’s what apps for reading manga do; facilitate technological responses so that any user, from any digital device, can open their favorite comic and enjoy the adventures of their characters.

How to choose an app to read manga

The digital market is full of proposals for reading manga, but how do the different apps differ?

The first differentiator between manga apps is in the content. Internet users demand news and a variety of headlines and, if possible, at no additional cost.

The browsing experience is essential in manga applications. The interface must allow you to quickly explore the different sections and contents of the app and quickly access publications. Some applications offer personalized responses based on the reader’s personal tastes and send notifications when an update occurs in favorite collections.

For a long time, manga news was only available in English and it was difficult to access materials in other languages. At the moment, this problem is practically solved because there are apps that load titles in Spanish practically the same day they are launched.

  • Screen and resolution changes

Manga viewing options are important in providing a satisfying experience to readers. Some applications allow you to change the reading from horizontal to vertical and offer the ability to change the reading resolution in different qualities. This allows you to save some data, even if the display quality deteriorates.

  • File Compatibility

What kind of file can our manga reader open? Currently, most apps are ready to open any file, but it doesn’t hurt to check compatibility.

The same advice on apps for reading manga can be applied to websites for watching comics online. Some of these specialized pages even allow you to read from right to left, as you would a manga on paper or in PDF format.