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How to Advertise My Stories on Instagram – Useful Guide

How to Advertise My Stories on Instagram - Useful Guide

There are millions of companies and businesses in the world and many of them work online, especially on well-known platforms around the world, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. This type of platforms offers the enterprising user many tools to contribute to your work.

Instagram is one of the social networks most famous in this world. We already know everything we can do with this application, such as upload photos to your feed, fill it and shape it with your personality, we can also send direct messages in text, image or voice audio format, to upload famous stories Users love it so much , because in this way they can share their life and what they do during the day in stories that last no more than 24 hours.

How can I use Instagram Stories advertising?

The social network had a file incredible increase in usage of the App since the stories have been added, it is more convenient for consumers of this app to be able to enjoy images or videos that occur during the day.

We know Instagram Stories and we know many tricks to edit them and make them very attractive to other users. But when you are a company or a brand, the ideal is to reach maximum reach and this can be achieved easily with our Instagram Stories.

For companies uploading stories has become a goalBecause followers see more Stories than Feed posts themselves, adding advertising to your Stories can generate even more reach, so you can reach more users and discover your company.

Verified accounts on Instagram have more advantages over traditional accounts, which is why it is easier to use links in application stories. As well as reports from celebrities or well-known companies who have many followers.

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How to add advertising to my Instagram Stories?

Advertising on Instagram Stories is a trend Take advantage of it! One benefit is that Stories not only last 24 hours, but you can upload your images or videos up to 15 seconds long, creating a great campaign, and they can last as long as you want, depending on your budget and ad setup.

To create the advertising in your stories It is important that you know that your Instagram must be a business account, already having this configuration we will explain how to start uploading your stories.

The first thing you should do is create a business page on Facebook and have an advertising account on Facebook Ads, counting on the above, link your advertising page to the Instagram profile.

Advertising with Instagram ads

Creating advertisements in stories is very simple, but it takes time. If you know how to create Facebook ads, it won’t take that much work, you just need to tick the boxes with the Instagram option.

You must already link your Instagram account to Facebook set your audience, use the audience targeting you use in other ads. It can be a custom audience or a similar audience.

Next, we need to select the location, set «Story Ads» as we are creating an ad for stories and other ad formats are automatically disabled.

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Choose your budget and calendar, you can select two options: Daily budget, which is the maximum daily expenditure and the Total budget, which is the total of the ad set with a set time, select the day and times you want your ad to appear.

Already defined above, we need to configure the ad (image, video and text) that the public will see. It’s important to note that Instagram only accepts 9:16 vertical images or videos, so pay attention to the format of the images.

At the end of the above you need to add yours call to action or call to action (CTA). This is important when increasing traffic. After selecting the image or video, you need to add the link to the site you want to send users to. And voila, you will have yours perfect advertisement.