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How do you know when your emails are being read if you use Gmail?

Confirmación de lectura Gmail

In emails, you can’t know if a person has read the message you sent, unlike social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram. However, there is a way to do this find out if the person you sent an email to saw it.

With the read receipt in Gmail You’ll know if they ignored your message or not, but you’ll need to turn that option on, as it’s not turned on by default. Do you want to learn how to use this tool?

What is Gmail read receipt?

Read the confirmation in Gmail

This tool is an option that complements Google Mail for professional or educational extensions. What does this mean? Well, if you have an Gmail business email or email ending in «.edu» you have the option to activate the read receipt. This means this method won’t work for you if you have a regular Gmail account.

But in general terms, this option works precisely for what their name indicates: to know if a person has received your email and, more importantly; if you read it.

How to activate Gmail read receipt?

If you have a business or educational email, activating this tool is extremely simple. What you should do is:

  1. Enter in mail.
  2. Touch write an E-Mail.
  3. write the recipient, subject and content of the email.
  4. Before sending it, click on the file 3 vertical lines down.
  5. Select the option of «Request read confirmation«.Enable read receipt in Gmail

Once this is done, you need to keep a few things in mind. What you will do with this method is ask the recipient of your email to confirm the read request. If so, he must have read the activated confirmations and sent you that confirmation. Also, that person’s account must also be educational or business.

If you’re trying to send an email from a school or work account to a regular Gmail account, they will not be able to confirm the readingas the option is not available in the recipient’s account type.

Aside from all this, it is important to remember this this option can only be activated from a computer. If you try to send an email on your mobile from your business or education account, the read receipt option will not be available. In that case you will have to go to your computer to send the mail.

Gmail Read Receipt: Is It Worth It?

Gmail on your computer

To be sure, this tool is focused on the business or education sector, which is why it is only available for emails of these features. Although the tool seems a bit useless because it depends on whether the other person activates it or not, the advantage is that many companies and educational centers force users of their emails to activate confirmation Reading.

That’s when the option makes sense, because really you as a user it is not possible to force a person to send or activate the confirmation who read your mail.

If you frequent emails that already have this option activated, it is absolutely worth it because you will know if they read your messages or not. If, on the other hand, you usually send emails to addresses that don’t have read receipt enabled, then this tool wouldn’t make much sense until they had it activated.

How can you know if your email has been read if you don’t have a business or educational Gmail account

Surely the previous method did not meet your expectations, as it is an option for a limited group of people. However, there is another way you can know the status of the email you sent even if you sent it from a common Gmail account.

Mailtrack: the email tracker that everyone can use


Mailtrack is a Google Chrome extension that you can only use on your computer (unless you purchase the paid version). What this service offers in the free version is power know if the emails you sent have reached their recipients and if they have been read.

This extension can be used in business, educational or common emails and works in both Gmail and Outlook. To use it you need to do the following:

  1. Go to the Google Chrome Store.
  2. Find the Mailtrack extension and install it.Google Mailtrack extension
  3. Connect your email to Mailtrack.Connect Mailtrack to Gmail
  4. Choose the free version from the service.Free mailtrack
  5. Send an email as you always have.
  6. Enter your inbox of the sent emails and check if the email is marked with a double check (this means that the mail has reached its destination).
  7. If there are two controls but only one in green it means that they haven’t read the mail yet.
  8. If they are both in green it is because they have already read it.Mail displayed with Mailtrack

The good and the bad of Mailtrack

It is important that you know that if you activate this extension and send emails, the senders of those emails they will see a notice that says «Sender notified with Mailtrack». This means that people will know you can see when they see your email or not, so you should be very careful with this problem.

To avoid misunderstandings or problems, we recommend that you tell the people you email with in advance you have activated Mailtrack.

Besides that, you can also know from your inbox who are the users using this extension. This is because the e-mails that arrive to your e-mail and that have activated it will be marked with a green dot.

Mail tracking notice

This will be a sign that the person who sent you the email is using Mailtrack. If you don’t want them to know you’ve already read the email, you shouldn’t open it, like the read receipt skips as soon as the email is opened. If you don’t open it, the person who wrote the email will see the double check mark (in true WhatsApp style) in their inbox, but with only one green check mark until you open the email.

Gmail or Mailtrack confirmation: which method to use?

Gmail VS Mailtrack

Really to Gmail’s confirmation it takes a long time to be fully effective. The problem that the sender of your email must have the option activated and that they must also manually send you the confirmation, makes the tool tedious.

On the other hand, Mailtrack, both in its free and paid version, tells you whether the person has seen your email or not, even when the extension is not activated. What’s more, you can use it regardless of whether you have a business or educational email or not. So unless Gmail’s confirmation improves (which doesn’t seem like it will be the case) your best option is Mailtrack.

But you have the last word. What do you think of these methods of knowing if they have read your emails? Which do you think will work best?