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How can I hack WhatsApp: do spy apps work? Can they read your conversations?

Programs to hack WhatsApp?  Don't be fooled

Hacking WhatsApp, obtaining passwords, spying on conversations … These are very common searches on Google since the days of the «hacking of Messenger». The creators of malicious applications know this and play with the devices, data and money of anyone who does not want to respect the privacy of others, for whatever reason.

Since Facebook bought WhatsApp, concerns about our privacy and the security of our chats and information have increased.

WhatsApp spy app: the whole truth

Note that…

  • Spying on conversations or any other kind of invasion of an individual’s privacy, no matter how much your partner or family, It is a CRIME. And this is confirmed by the National Police of Spain.
  • What need is there to spy on other people’s conversations? Do you really need it? If you don’t trust it, ask. If you think he’s lying, you hurt yourself just by standing there, suffering day after day.

On applications that promise you to «access your contacts’ private conversations»:

These types of apps to spy on or perform any kind of hacking are fake. Not only do they not work, but they will probably put a virus on your mobile / tablet / computer that will bother you for a long time. And the one who will lose privacy is you. Let’s take a look at some of them:

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WhatsApp Spy

To download this program you need to send an SMS: we got off to a bad start. Most users don’t know that submitting it is subscribing to a file service that they will constantly receive advertising and that for each of them will be charged a lot. Wanting to spy on others it will be expensive with this app.

Android application to hack WhatsApp - don't trust

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Although its elaborate interface that resembles an official program may fool more than a confused user, the reality is that Hackingtor nor does it keep what it promises.

And it is that the basis of this program is, at a minimum, suspicious from the start: guarantees you to download all the texts, videos and images of a contact online for free with the simple action of entering your phone number. All this by bypassing WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption. Without hesitation.

To make the whole process more believable, once you enter the number to spy on, Hackingtor will show you messages like «download of compromised user data«OR»access the WhatsApp servers«.

But the real scam is in the next step. It will ask you to install an extension in your browser in order to view the content, which it will come with a malware, phishing attack, or ransomware that will hijack all data on your device. In short, don’t even think about trying it!

Hacker scam

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Espiarwapp: the website that promises to hack WhatsApp accounts

If we enter in the Google search engine «spy on WhatsApp online for free without a credit card» or «hack WhatsApp for free and safely», one of the best positioned pages is the Espiarwapp site, a spying platform whose developers sell it as safe, totally anonymous – no one believes it – and with the guarantee of having great experts.

The operation is similar to that of Hackingtor:

  1. Once inside the web, we see a button that says «Spy now».
  2. By clicking, a window opens in which to enter the phone number we want to spy on WhatsApp conversations.
  3. This is where the first surprise comes: whatever mobile number entered, the information found in the hack is always the same.

But that is not all. On the same page where this fake data is shown, we can also see two buttons to access private WhatsApp web servers.

If we provide one, we do not access any servers, Instead, it will take us to advertising pages in order to sign up for a premium service which obviously does not exist and will compromise our security.

Spy on WhatsApp scam

Security hack

This WhatsApp hack tool takes it one step further. As in the previous ones, on its main page there is an option to enter the phone or WhatsApp to spy. But, in this case, images of people who were allegedly violated are also shown to make the process more credible.

Admittedly, the scam has worked a little more, since the research has been done show random data – in this case they are not the same for all numbers – and also reveals fake user comments which states that the service works wonders.

Now, the real scam occurs the moment you They ask us to register on a premium server to have access to WhatsApp conversations, because obviously it’s still a hook to end up on an advertising site that will sign us up for a media content platform.

Hack WhatsApp

And so there is a long list of files WhatsApp hacking app which is a scam, scam and scam, like Sniffer, Moreover. There are always new ones coming out, and opportunists who try to take advantage of desperate people who don’t trust those around them and want to read other people’s conversations won’t stop hanging out.

It is not healthy and it is not legal.

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WhatsApp espionage and hackers: how to protect yourself

The fact that the apps and programs to spy on WhatsApp are a fraud or do not work does not imply that we can be totally calm. as no courier service is 100% safe.

WhatsApp, in fact, can be hacked by exploiting the vulnerabilities of the SS7 protocol, where the hacker can take control of all calls and messages that arrive at the device or know its location.

For this reason, if you use the application frequently and do not want your conversations to be in danger and seen by other people, you must follow a series of preventative guidelines to ensure the safety of the device. Let’s see it:

WhatsApp spied: what you should do to protect yourself

  • Strengthen the security of your mobile: If you want to make sure your device is not vulnerable to external attacks, you can download and install some of the best security apps for Android and iOS. With these tools you can encrypt your calls, privatize your conversations and even hide WhatsApp notifications.
  • Check encryption of sensitive conversations: To make sure end-to-end encryption is working, enter a chat, tap on the contact’s name, then on encryption. Once inside, you will see a 40-digit security code which, if it works, should be able to be scanned by the person you are talking to via the app.
  • Turn off cloud backups: You have to keep in mind that the chats that are saved in iCloud and Google Drive they are not encrypted. For this reason, if there is sensitive data in your conversations, it is best to disable automatic syncing to these cloud services.
  • Restrict access to your profile: a highly recommended option is to hide the last connection or avatar you have in WhatsApp from those contacts you don’t have in your calendar. To do this, in the app go to Settings> Accounts> Privacy and select the «My contacts» option in each of the sections. You also have the «none» option if you wish to restrict access to everyone.
  • Choose which people can see your status: from the beginning of 2017 WhatsApp has the ability to add images or videos in the status. Well, although they only last 24 hours, we recommend that you limit their viewing only to trusted contacts. You will find the specific access to state privacy at the top left of the screen.
  • Enable security notifications: To enable this option in the app, go to Settings> Accounts> Security> Show security notifications. This way, whenever an existing chat is opened on a new phone or computer, WhatsApp will send you a notification so that you are aware of it.
  • Protect your account with two-factor authentication: if you do not want a third person to access WhatsApp without your permission, the app allows you to create a 6-digit PIN that must be used every time you try to register the phone number in the system. Enable the option in Menu> Settings> Accounts> Two-Step Verification.
  • Remember have WhatsApp always updated to its latest version. If there are security holes, updates improve them.
  • Don’t lend your mobile device unknown people: Anyone can access WhatsApp Web on their phone or computer if they know your number as the verification message can be viewed without having to unlock the phone. However, it can be avoided by turning on two-step verification.
  • Don’t share sensitive information: Although in theory the mobile data connection is secure and cannot be intercepted, the ideal is not to pass credit card information or sensitive photos via WhatsApp. Note that deleted messages are also stored on the device and can be recovered at any time.
  • Do not use WhatsApp as a corporate communication system: if you have confidential information about your company and want to pass it on to your superiors or other people in the workplace, WhatsApp does not guarantee that the data is displayed only by the sender, recipient and company. To this end, more secure options such as BlackBerry Messenger or your own personal email are available.
  • Don’t turn the app into your email: Using WhatsApp to receive important documents and information can be very cumbersome, especially when looking for what interests us. But this is the last one, since taking into account that the only identifier of the application is a phone number, accessing the content without authorization is much easier.
  • Do not download WhatsApp from unofficial sources– The app download must always be done via Google Play, App Store or official website. There are no unofficial or special versions. If you find them, we assure you that they are totally fake.
  • Do not click on links or images of suspicious origin: It will be useless to protect our device with an additional layer of security if we then click on any attached links they send us. Have common sense. If you have doubts about the veracity of that link, it makes the most sense to ignore it. In most cases, these are malicious files that infect your mobile phone or scam you with phishing attacks.

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Is it legal to spy on someone else’s WhatsApp?

As we told you at the beginning, spying on WhatsApp conversations is totally forbidden ever since represents an attack on the other person’s privacy.

This is recorded in article 197 of the discovery and disclosure of the secrets of the criminal code, which falls within the offenses against privacy, the right to one’s own image and the inviolability of the home. And it is that the violation of this article can lead to prison sentences of 1 to 5 years and fines of 12 to 24 months.

Furthermore, not only should the consequences of violating the law be weighed, but the mere fact of proving It is anti-moral and contrary to all the values ​​that have been instilled in us since childhood. In short, don’t play it because you won’t get anything positive out of it.

Our recommendation? Use the app in a more fun way, like with these WhatsApp games, or more productively, like WhatsApp Business.

Tell us your experience: have you ever been spied on? Have you tried to hack someone’s conversations?

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