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GTFO gets an update with the new Rundown called Rebirth

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Swedish game developer 10 Chambers released its first game, GTFO, in December 2019, the game described as «Left 4 Dead meets Aliens». The game uses a concept called Rundown, where new content (maps, scenarios, enemies, etc.) are regularly updated, replacing the old ditto to no longer be predictable. Today they launch the widest Rundown to date: it’s called Rebirth, this update that GTFO receives adds a new environment that gives a floristic touch to the atmosphere, which would otherwise be dark and mysterious. Also included is a terrifying new enemy, a bunch of expeditions, and something called the Booster, which gives you a reason to return to the Complex, even if you die.

«The Complex» is the terrifying underground facility where the GTFO takes place. Play as a team of prisoners whose survival depends on their ability to communicate, coordinate and count their bullets. The big new update, Rebirth, arrives, in addition to new enemies, weapons and objectives, with a new environment that looks very different from what we are used to in GTFO. The generally dark and cold environment now sees the addition of elements of nature, in a completely new environment called Floodways. But not everything is appearance; Rebirth also includes some significant changes to gameplay and replay value.

“This update received from GTFO It changes a lot, for new and existing players, «says Ulf Andersson, Creative Director.» We’re adding something called Booster. As you explore the Complex, you may find valuable artifacts sought after by Warden, this mysterious entity who holds you captive. If you find them, you will be rewarded with the awful experience of injecting a special liquid into your brain, so-called Boosters. These Boosters give you enhanced abilities like improved assault rifle damage or increased hacking speed. «

GTFO receives update 2

The introduction of Boosters in GTFO gives players a reason to go to the Complex

This is regardless of whether they have the ambition to beat the expedition or not. The reason is that the collected artifacts will be given to the Guardian for evaluation even if you die. More game mechanics have been added in previous Rundown updates. Like the layered difficulty, which gives players the ability to choose different routes through the expeditions, ranging from «high threat level» to «threat level overload».

“Brick by brick, we are building the foundation for GTFO to get out of Early Access. Layered difficulty and now the Boosters keep GTFO as the hardest challenge we ever wanted it to be, but at the same time perfect for new players who want to join our awesome prisoner community. With Rebirth, we are also expanding the tradition. Who are you and how did you end up in The Complex? Some of these questions might be answered in this new Rundown if the clues are found, ”says Simon Viklund, narrative director.

GTFO receives update 3

The new update, Rebirth, will be available from 1pm CEST, 2021, April 29 and is free for all GTFO owners.

GTFO Early Access is available on Steam for $ 34.99 USD, but to celebrate the new Rundown, it’s now 20% off!

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