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Google Play Store updates and changes the location of my apps

Google Play Store se actualiza y cambia la ubicación de mis aplicaciones

The shop Google Play Store has just been updated with several new features, for example, now the position to see your applications and update them has been changed, apart from other details that we will mention below that mainly concern the interface.

Until you open the Google Play Store you will not notice the changes, yes, once you enter the store a notice will appear first announcing the first news, the list of apps, games, payment methods and more has changed.

If you remember, previously to update your applications you had to access the menu button that was on the left, the famous hamburger menu in the shape of 3 horizontal stripes, now that it no longer exists and has been replaced and is now on the right and with yours profile picture.

I mean, if you notice it now your image appears to the right of the search box and if you click on it you will now be able to access your applications and update them from there, although the menu that appears will allow you to manage various parameters of the Google Play Store.

You will see your Google Play Points score if you have one and above new menus of my applications and games, collection, payments and subscriptions, Play Protect, Notifications and offers, Settings and Help and comments, apart from the privacy policy at the end of the menu.

The best subdivision in the settings

Items that are inside the settings undergo a change, not because they are deleted, but now the options there are better divided, they are grouped into 4 menus the more general ones called «General», «User Controls», «Family» and «Information».

Within each of them there are the different options that were previously more distributed, it is a question of entering each menu and seeing where now all the parameters that you can configure inside Google Play Store, are the same, but better structured.

It used to be a bit more messy, but with the new structure now everything is within those 4 «big» sections, everything stays where it is.

Image - Google Play Store is updated and these are its news

Better results when searching for apps

The application search also offers improvements, previously when searching for any application, the app or apps in question appeared, but now offers more information on the specific application, where from the same search you can see screenshots of it.

It also shows its rating, the number of downloads it has and even a little further down you will be able to know, as in the form of ads, the apps related to that search. For example, if you are looking for a game of a certain theme you will see similar games.

If you log into this game, you might see if it has an event going on or not, important information about the game and if you go down the page you have the information about the app or game developer, so you can also see if it has more in Google Play Store.

To enjoy the Google Play Store update It is not necessary to update the store, it is simply a matter of waiting for it to arrive directly because not all these novelties come out, as it is gradually expanding in these hours.

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