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Gold is giving away $ 1 million in Razer Gold bonuses

Gold regala $1 millón USD en bonificación Razer Gold

Until April 14th alone, Gold is giving away $ 1 million in Razer Gold bonuses For purchases over $ 10, Razer players will immediately receive a cashback percentage to use in over 33,000 games in our catalog.

Through April 14, Razer Gold, Razer’s virtual currency for gamers, will grant a refund of over $ 1 million to all players who make purchases with a minimum value of $ 10. The promotion is only valid as long as the items are available and users will receive a portion of the amount invested to buy what they want, including credits from Steam, Free Fire, Valorant, League of Legends or any of the more than 33,000 games accepting Razer Gold as a form of payment.

Those who do not yet have a Razer Gold account can create one for free during the event and win up to $ 5 on their first top-up above $ 10. The credit will be sent to the user in the form of a Gold voucher, which will be on the receipt of purchase and can be used within a week.

Those who already own Razer Gold earn up to $ 10 on purchases over $ 50 and up to $ 4.99 on purchases between $ 10 and $ 50. Another benefit for registered users is that they can receive daily bonuses during the campaign and credits are automatically placed in their accounts.

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So don’t forget: Gold is giving away $ 1 million in Razer Gold Bonus.