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Get this 55 inch Samsung QLED TV with 30% discount

Get this 55 inch Samsung QLED TV with 30% discount

4K, HDR10 +, Smart TV … Samsung’s TV has everything you can ask for.

Thanks to one of the offers from The English court you can get it samsung tv with a 30% discount. Savings 359 euros on a television of 55 inches Y 4K resolution, with Smart TV and anything you could ask for.

Enjoy the best image quality and don’t pay too much.

Buy Samsung TV at the best price

The Samsung device incorporates the technology Quantum dot, which promises to perfectly reproduce all colors so that don’t miss a single detail. As we said, it’s a 4K resolution TV, but Samsung’s technology goes even further. Your artificial intelligence will take care of improving the picture and sound in real time. In addition, it has HDR and a brightness capable of going up to 1000 nit.

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