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Film sagas that have become successful games

Film sagas that have become successful games

That cinema and games, not only current video games, but also board games, are connected is a fact. If we look at the entertainment market we can see how several blockbuster films have ended up with at least one version of their game, if not more, as well as action figures, as well as other types of merchandising products featuring their characters. Among these titles are films such as:


Directed by Joe Johston in 1995 which has actors of the stature of Robin Williams or Kirsten Dunst. The film is based on a book of the same name written by Chris Van Allsburg in 1981 and has only 32 pages. The first film in what has become a saga, tells how two boys bury a chest to get rid of what’s inside in 1869. While it doesn’t stay too buried, as Alan Parrish finds it 100 years later. The young man will begin to hear the drums that will guide him towards the copper, which contains a game: Jumanji in which he will be locked up, until Judy and Peter restart the game.

A very interesting plot that gave birth to two other films with a different cast and an adaptation to new technologies. Something that has also caused the generation of various games on the saga in other sectors of the entertainment industry, such as an online casino game, especially a slot machine that uses elements of the film to bring this story to life on another platform . And, thanks to new technologies, online casinos can offer many options that refer to movies, as is the case with Jurassic World or Shelock of London casino games.

Star Wars

In this list could not miss the George Lucas franchise with Lucasfilm. With 9 films, considered cult in the history of cinema, it tells the experiences of various characters who live in a galaxy far, far away. Among these we can find the space races, as well as a supernatural force that the Jedi Knights have, which can be transformed into dark energy, by hatred, fear or anger. Which will put some characters from the bright side of the force to the dark side. The first film was released in 1977 and was nominated A new hope. But Lucas couldn’t imagine what this franchise would come up with.

There are many merchandising products that we can find on the market related to Star Wars: from helmets that simulate those of the characters, to action figures, that is, always passing through the gaming industry, not only table, but also video games. The first to come into existence were the Parker Brothers, The empire strikes again, a pure shooting game. This has come to evolve up to the current Battlefront 2 or the game that Ubisoft has already announced with Lucasfilm.

Indiana Jones

Another Lucas Film factory hit, directed by the incredible Steven Spileberg. It tells the adventures of a doctor of archeology, Henry Walton (or Indiana Jones as we all know him) played by Harrison Ford. The first tape was named after Raiders of the Lost Ark and gave rise to two other titles that closed the trilogy, until 2008 in which a new plot was created with an old Indiana.

As a character, Indiana has a lot to contribute, as well as adventures to offer viewers. Which attracted the attention of developers, creating a graphic adventure based on this character in 1989 by Lucasfilm Games. Although it wasn’t the only time, since there are other more current titles that have also had their presence like Lego Indiana Jones or Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings on PS2.

And it is that virtual games are constantly changing to offer users more and more real versions of their favorite characters, all this together with new technologies. What will happen next?