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Download Warpinator to share files between Linux and your mobile

warpinator una app linux para compartir archivos en android

You will often come to the conclusion that even the simplest task can turn into an odyssey when you don’t have the right tools. For example, copy files from one computer to another it can be nearly impossible if you don’t have external storage devices like pen drives or external drives.

And while this is unlikely to happen, it’s best to have a joker if necessary. Therefore, the Linux Mint has developed a rather useful tool To share files between computers connected to the same network, we are talking about Warpinator. An app that can be downloaded on other popular Linux distributions. However, until now this app was not available for Android.

Warpinator is now available for Android

download warpinator linux mint android

The first version of Warpinator was released in September last year for the Linux Mint distribution and it wasn’t long before an Android version already exists. However, you should know that this Android app not developed by the Linux Mint team. While that doesn’t mean it has compatibility issues or that you should be suspicious of it. In contrast, the Warpinator app for Android shows us the benefits of the open Linux community.

With Warpinator for Android you can copy files from computer to mobile or vice versa. The process is quite simple and you just need to establish the connection between the desktop version and select the files you want to copy. Without a doubt, for Linux users, Warpinator is the best alternative to Nearby Share, a service from Google that only works on devices with Google Mobile Services.

Download Warpinator on your mobile

Until now, if you were using Linux, the option to share files from mobile to computer was a more complicated process than it should be, With Warpinator for Android these problems are over. Finally, there is an Android application for convenient file sharing in the Linux ecosystem.

However, Warpinator is not yet available in various regions of the world. Therefore, don’t worry if when you access the download button it shows you that the app is not available for your mobile. Gradually it will reach more regions.

Warpinator for Android (unofficial)

And if you don’t want to wait any longer, we recommend giving it a try one of the most popular android app repositories, APK.Support. Here we show you how to download applications using this repository, it’s very simple.