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B2B portals What are they and what are their advantages?

B2B portals What are they and what are their advantages?

Undoubtedly, the Internet has meant that humanity has practically everything just a click away, and this is the case with B2B portals.

These portals are the perfect platform for companies to interact with partners, suppliers, distributors and other intermediaries, so that they can successfully sell or buy.

B2B portals are characterized by being used for online commerce, although in the following lines we will tell you that their functionality goes beyond simple buying and selling.

What are B2B portals?

B2B portals are semi-private extranet portals, used as a commercial platform where you can exchange information and buy or sell products or services from one company to another.

Essential tools to improve communication between companies, globalize and be omnipresent thanks to the Internet, since by using them transactions become more efficient, competitiveness is improved and the marketing network is expanded.

Types of B2B portals

There are two basic types of B2B portals:

Vertical portals, used in certain sectors of activity or in certain industries, where several companies come together to negotiate products and services in large volumes and collectively manage contracts.

And the portals specially designed to carry out transactions with the actors who supply goods to the company: partners, producers, suppliers, etc.

What are its advantages?

By implementing B2B portals in your company, you can get great benefits. Let’s see what they are.

Anywhere and anytime

First, you can take advantage of the benefits that the Internet offers you, but with a high degree of security, so you don’t have to worry about data and transaction vulnerabilities.

This portal can be accessed from any browser with an Internet connection. The latter is a great advantage, since the mobility of staff will be much easier, since the availability of information will be immediate, without having to move the equipment.

In these cases, data security is very important but don’t worry, because all access is done in a controlled way and each user has a profile with different privileges depending on the case. In this way, each worker will be able to access only their own documents and features.

Faster and more efficient transactions

On the other hand, B2B portals can be integrated into billing systems, business management, logistics, etc., which makes transactions much faster and more efficient.

This advantage is crucial in every process, as every company can quickly access updated catalogs, special offers, company files, other customers’ purchase histories, status of orders placed, make changes, etc.

Thanks to this great integration, all information will be immediately available and communication between companies will be much easier, since you are aware of the transactions carried out in real time and without intermediaries.

This results in more followed purchases and loyalty will increase dramatically.

Help modernization

Another great benefit is that these portals encourage the digitization and modernization of the company.

Thanks to this, the documents that are managed in the company will only be in digital format, helping workers to access them better without the need for much paperwork. This practice in turn is environmentally friendly, as the use of paper is put aside.

With the implementation of these portals, collaboration between the various companies operating in the portal is also promoted, since from here new projects can arise that can be managed collectively by implementing collaboration tools in order to provide customers with better products and services.


Without a doubt, B2B portals are very useful in companies, as they bet on the digitization, modernization and globalization of these, streamlining communications, improving the products and services offered more and more and significantly increasing the customer portfolio and, of course, income. of each of the companies present in the network.