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AppSheet: Learn to build applications without writing code

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With Google Cloud AppSheet, anyone can create custom applications without having to write a single line of code. From an organization looking for digital transformation or a small team that needs creative solutions to host events during the pandemic, there are no limits to what can be created.

These web and mobile applications they are created from data sources, What Google Sheets (google worksheets), Excel, Cloud SQL, Salesforce and other similar connectors. User activity is synchronized with connected data sources.

The AppSheet platform is integrated into the Google Workspace collaboration service, the new workspace that replaces G Suite and connects Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Presentations, Meet and Chat.

1. Create a mobile application with geolocation and Google Maps in five minutes

By incorporating Google Maps into your AppSheet application, you can create a simple geolocation application in minutes or spend a little more time suggesting what you would like your users to do based on activity updates or making sure deliveries are made on time. .

Create a mobile app with geolocation and Google Maps in 5 minutes

2. Six automation apps you can create today

Each app model referenced in this section eliminates manual processes and frees up valuable resources. Whether it’s the Sequential Tasks app or any of the others, try copying and adding one or two of these processes to your portfolio to customize it or create your own. Which is the best? Workflow functionality is built in for testing and review before customizing the application.

Six automation apps you can create today in AppSheets

3. Manage Sales: Three free sales tracking Excel templates

Sales professionals often struggle to find the right application to meet their business needs. Some reps need access to their data in real time, others require their applications to run on a desktop, and there are some who need a combination of all of this looking for an agile solution like their work team. With these three templates, you’ll find essentials to help you track leads, create reports, and add field data regardless of business environment or size.

  • Sales initiative monitoring model
  • Sales report template
  • Sales call log template

How to Manage Sales in Excel: Three Free Sales Tracking Excel Templates

4. Create an inventory management application from Google Sheets with AppSheet

Inventory management is one of the most popular ways app builders not only use the AppSheet, but also start using the platform. Whether you’re managing inventory for an online store or want to upgrade your home inventory process, the steps provided in this tutorial provide a step-by-step guide to critical concepts to help you improve your codeless development skills.

Create an inventory management app from Google Sheets with AppSheet

5. How to create a customer experience application with Google Docs

You can turn your Google Docs into an interactive AppSheet application in minutes. In this example, you’ll see how our popular «Field Survey» app template creates a great customer service experience.

How to build a mobile customer experience app with Google Docs

6. How AppSheet employees use AppSheet

It’s always fun to know how people who build something use it behind the scenes. The following video shows examples and overviews of what helps the AppSheet team stay organized and manage their time better.