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Android 12 Developer Preview 2.2 is now available and fixes all these bugs

Android 12

Version 2.2 of Android 12 Developer Preview has arrived, aimed at solving errors and improving the functioning of compatible phones.

Google released the Android 12 Developer Preview version 2.2.0 for all owners of a compatible Pixel device. The company has decided not to wait for the arrival of the third preview for developersand chose to launch a file instead minor update, focused on fixing bugs and introducing security enhancements.

It is a patch which, in addition to solving a series of errors reported by users, also introduces the security patch for April 2021, aimed at improving the performance of the Google Pixel 5 and introducing security-focused improvements in all models of the Google Pixel series.

Android 12, the new version of Google’s operating system.

All the news in Android 12 Developer Preview 2.2

Android 12 Developer Preview 2.2 is available for compatible pixels with build number SPP2.210219.018. Those people who have already installed Android 12 on their terminals, will receive the update via OTA. Other people can follow the steps to install Android 12 on a compatible mobile.

In addition to the improvements of the April patch, the update introduces solutions to specific errors encountered by some users for a few weeks. The full list of changes is as follows:

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the Settings app to crash when a user tried to access Bluetooth settings.
  • Fixed an issue that caused widgets to be removed from the home screen after a user installed an OTA update.
  • Fixed an issue that caused notifications to be sent about poor Bluetooth call quality, even when the call quality was not affected.
  • Fixed an issue that in some cases prevented the saving of passwords for the WiFi network.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the notification tone to activate when typing on the on-screen keyboard.
  • Fixed an issue with Codec 2.0 that could cause applications to crash on some devices.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause videos to be incorrectly encoded when shared.

Android versions: from the first to the latest version of Android

The OTA update has an extension weight close to 200 MB, and it is already in the distribution phase. Next, we leave the download links of OTA packages and factory images for each device:

considering the Official Android 12 update program, we know that this month there should be a third preview for developers, before the arrival of the public beta version. This beta is expected to be unveiled at Google I / O 2021, which will take place between May 18-20.

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