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5 useful things you can do with NFC besides using it to pay

NFC Android

NFC or Near Field Communication is the name of a technology you have been hearing about a lot recently. Despite its arrival in our lives a few years ago, it is not until now that the NFC system on Android devices begins to spread among users.

Although its use may involve more risk than another, NFC has come to stay thanks to the comfort it offers in its multiple functions. The best known is that of payments, which allows you to use the phone as if it were a credit card to pay in any structure. However, NFC is used for many other things, and we will explain them to you.

5 things you can do with NFC on Android

Read your electronic ID (DNI 3.0)

After switching from electronic DNI to DNI 3.0, you no longer need a USB reader carry out procedures with public administrations. As we explain in Andro4all, you can use your mobile as a DNI 3.0 reader as long as it has NFC technology. After confirming this detail, you need to download the «DNIe Reader for PC, using your mobile» app on your phone and the DNIeRemote program on your computer.

Once both tools have been downloaded, you just have to follow the steps indicated by both to configure the DNI 3.0 on your mobile. After completing the process, all you need to do is bring the back of the mobile terminal closer to the DNI so that it reads the chip it carries and the identification is performed in the procedure you are about to perform on the computer.

Read DNI 3.0 with your mobile

Strengthen your privacy with USB / NFC security keys

Using online services every day poses a security and privacy risk, as you share an infinite amount of personal information that must be kept in this way, personal. To strengthen your presence in services like WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook, you have two-factor authentication, which adds a level of security when logging in, that is, you will need another factor besides the password.

One such factor could be a USB security key like Google’s Titan Security Keys, which also has NFC technology. When you log into one of your accounts with your mobile, in addition to entering the password, you must bring the key to the back of the phone so that, By using NFC, you recognize that you are the one who wants to log in and not a lookalike who has discovered your password.

Google security token

Connect your mobile to the headphones with just one touch

Connecting your mobile with other NFC-enabled devices is extremely fast, which sets it apart from connectivity like Bluetooth. Manufacturers typically integrate NFC technology into their products to facilitate a one-touch pairing.

For example, if you have a Speakers or headphones with NFC, just put them together on the back of the phone so that the connection between the two begins and you can listen to your favorite music without having to spend a few minutes to pair both devices.

Share files with other users

One of the most important functions of NFC technology is to share files with other users more immediately than via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. To do this, simply enable NFC on both phones, access the file we want to share and bring the two terminals closer (at a very short distance, yes).

Automatically, the transmission process will begin and the recipient will only have to accept to receive the file in question. Without the need to establish a previous connection between the two devices, data transmission via NFC is a more convenient method than others we usually use.

share files via NFC

Configure your functions using NFC tags

We cannot talk about NFC technology without referring to its labels, devices that you can configure yourself so that they fulfill the desired functions. First of all, you need to get hold of these labels, which are widely available in online stores.

Next, you need to download an application like NFC Tools (there are others in the Play Store) for managing labels, which is the one that will allow you to program them so that perform certain actions upon contact with the mobile phone. For example, you can place an NFC tag on your room’s nightstand so that when you put your phone down, it goes into do not disturb mode while you sleep.

NFC tag

NFC tags offer you multiple possibilities, so it is best to try them out and discover the applications that can give you the most. As you have seen, simply by bringing your mobile phone close to the DNI, other devices or a tag, NFC opens you to a world of options beyond mobile payments.

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