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5 educational mobile apps that triumphed with the pandemic

5 educational mobile apps that triumphed with the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has fueled digitalization and investment in virtual education. This new teaching system has allowed the dissemination of knowledge regardless of boundaries.

Distance education, together with teleworking, increased sales of laptops and tablets in countries like Mexico and Spain. According to’s Computation category, more than one million tech equipment was imported from the contingency, up 7.5% from the same period in 2019. The brands that benefited the most were Samsung, Sanborns, Microsoft and Lenovo. Likewise, in Spain, PC Components saw a 60% increase in laptop sales in March alone.

Mobile applications have also experienced a boom due to the effects of Covid-19, especially educational applications. These platforms have been very useful for both teachers and students during the health crisis. In agreement with ReportLinker, the online learning market (e-learning) will grow by 18% between 2020 and 2024, increasing its value by $ 18.6 billion.

Here are some of the most popular educational apps and platforms during the block:

1. Google Classroom

Although this application was created in 2014, the truth is that in 2020 it gained more popularity. Google Classroom is used in various countries around the world for its convenience in providing tools that facilitate the development of classes. Its functions include: organizing meetings, creating documents and sharing activities in various formats (photos, videos, among others). It’s free, easy to use, and already has more than 60 million downloads.

2. Coursera

This application is one of the most used because it provides more than two thousand courses on different topics such as: marketing, art, physics, business, among others. Although each course has a cost, its prices are affordable. Students have tutor video conferences, forums, discussions and homework.

3. Wunderlist

This application is a tool that has been massively downloaded by students because allows you to create and organize activities. The upside is that it’s free and can be stored in the cloud for viewing from your tablet, PC, or mobile device. In addition, it includes monitoring and planning functions.

4. CASIO ClassPad

The application allows students to solve mathematical problems, even the most difficult. Likewise, provides the ability to design graphs and compile statistics. It is aimed at undergraduate students, college students, and mathematics or calculus professionals.

5. Khan Academy

This application facilitates learning for students of the first levels, because it teaches through videos and practical exercises that can be repeated as many times as necessary. Khan Academy has subjects such as: algebra, astronomy, calculus and economics. It also allows you to periodically download content to view student progress.